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Hei guys , I am coach Weng here , thanks for listening to PT KICKSTARTER pod cast . Today”s topic is about career capital . This is a very important topic , as it will directly influence your future career as a personal trainer .

I came across the term career capital when I read a book called , so good they can not ignore you by Cal New Port. Honestly , I wish someone has told me about this much more early in my life.

According to Cal ,

“career capital can be define as the skills you have that are both rare and valuable , and that can be used as leverage in defining your career. It is a very crucial asset to developing a successful career.”

For example , michael jordan , he has very rare and valuable skills which he can leverage in defining his career . Which is his basketball skills . He can play so well , that everyone want to learn from him .

Another great example is Michael phelps . He has an exceptional potential in being a great swimmer, after thousands of hours of training, gym session, miles of swimming , finally all this effort paid off . he holds the record for the most Olympic medals won at a single Olympic Games.

Swimming is his greatest career capital .

So what about a personal trainer ?

Your career cannot go really far with personal trainer . Personal trainer is just like a degree fresh graduate.They are thousands of them in Malaysia and hundreds of thousands of them in the world if not more .

And by the way , one of the reason I got ” kick off ” from New Zealand when I was working in one of the gym 10 years back , is because a personal trainer is not on their job shortage list . This also means that , personal trainers are too many in New Zealand and they do no need any imported foreign trainers and forced to leave Nnew Zealand in 21days..

I got so panicked , and I went to consult a lawyer , to see is there anyway that I can twist this situation around . Guess what the lawyer told me ?

Hei Weng , unfortunately, personal trainer is not a job shortage in our list , unless you are a national coach for any new zealand”s sports team , then only I could help you on this .

I know that I will not make it to the national team in this short time , so I give up and fly back to malaysia . Unless you are someone that has rare skills and knowledge , if not you are just going nowhere in your life.

It is not hard to build up your career capital.

The very first thing that you need to do , is to know what you love doing and start building your career capital . A lot of people including myself , are so tempted in only focuses on doing things that can bring money in fast , and they will never focus on building themself .

I absolutely understand why is this happening . Your friends just bought a new BMW , your friends just bought her girl friend a new gucci hand bag and your friends are travelling overseas every now and then . And you wish that you can do all that as well .

Therefore , you jump from one job to another , you start selling online , you join real estate agency , you start taking in some job that you are not familiar with but just to earn a few hundreds more , and at the same time freelance as a personal trainer . You literally doing hundreds of job at one time . You do not have any career capital in any of the jobs that you are doing . You do not have any unique and rare skills that you can offer to the market .

At the end of the day , nothing happen , you dint achieve anything out of it , you get so burn out , and eventually, u give up everything including your personal training career .

Personal training career will never be easy , just like any others career it is a very competitive industry . You will definitely meet alot of obstacle along the way . How can you stand up among the rest , beating the odd , is the real winning shot that you need to focus at . And the best advice that I can give you is to increase and brush up your career capital .Be so good at one things or two .

Develop a skill that is so rare and unique that noone or very few people has it . Gain as much knowledge as possible at the field that you are passionate about . And when you hit the biggest roadblock while doing all this , do not jump to another job or change to another total different industry that you do not have any advantages on it .

Remember this , if you try one thing , and it is just not working , figure out why it not working and solve it , not changing it .You have to make it right . And you need to believe that you have the ability to make it right .Push yourself to where you need to be .

If the situation is tough , is hard , is near to impossible , push yourself to fit into that situation , instead of let the situation to push you away . When you get to conquer the tough ,the hard and the impossible , you will be tough , and the impossible .

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