2 STEPS To Start A Successful Personal Training Career In Malaysia

2 STEPS To Start A Successful Personal Training Career In Malaysia

Hei folks! How”s thing going? This article is 100% purely for those people that want to start a career in personal training in Malaysia. I have written plenty of article on how does personal training works you can check them out over here. 

Recently I launched a project called PT KICKSTARTER which the goal is to help rookie trainer to start, build and grow their PT career/ business. It is 100% free.

You can grab all these valuable information here.

Ok, let’s learn how you can start a successful personal training career in Malaysia.


How To Become A Personal Trainer In Malaysia Without Any Fitness Background.

Choose a personal training certification that recognized by NCCA. The popular certification that recognized by NCCA is ACE and NASM .

You can read all personal training certification review here.

Getting a well recognized personal training certification is really the FIRST important step in making your personal training journey a success. 2 main things that you need to consider before enrolling to any personal training certification 1. Is this certification worldwide recognized (at least NCCA) 2.Do you want to do it offline or online .

Offline personal training certification in Malaysia.

You can get your class based personal training certification with FIT MALAYSIA (ACE) or PFC (NASM) .

a) Price for ACE class based personal training by FIT MALAYSIA RM6,660 (12 days class)

Compared to NASM, ACE by FIT Malaysia has a longer class-based teaching period, 12 days. You cannot really learn everything in these 12 days, but at least you get to learn the important information , and after 12 days, you know where to look for help , if you face any problems with your studies.

This tried and proven signature programme consists of the following five courses:
• Certified Fitness Instructor (CFI) – Level 1 of Certified Fitness Practitioner by FEA
• Functional Tools Coach (FTC) by Functional Training Institute (FTI)
• Certified Group Personal Trainer (CGPT): Certificate in Teaching T3 by Trainfitness UK
• Personal Trainer in Practice (PTP) – Level 2 of Certified Fitness Practitioner by FEA
• ACE Personal Trainer Exam Preparation Course (ACE PT Exam Prep)

**Disclaimer: The Personal Trainer Development Programme (PTDP) consists of 5 courses, each with its own course confirmation deadline of 15 days prior to the courses’ start date.

for more details about ACE personal training certification by FIT Malaysia visit FIT MALAYSIA (ACE

How To Become A Personal Trainer In Malaysia Without Any Fitness Background.

b) Price for NASM class based personal training by PFC RM4,500 (it is a 3 days workshop)

Well , you cannot really learn the whole text books in these 3 days workshop , but , after this workshop , you will still be able to ask PFC any questions regarding your study  .

What is included in this RM4,500?

  • 3-Day Live workshop (NASM Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT) preparatory course; CPR + AED certification)
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT) version 6 textbook
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT) Live Workshop reading materials
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT) online resources & unlimited practice examinations
  • 3 attempts at your final exam (to be completed within 365 days)
  • International certification upon successful completion of your examination

for more details about NASM personal training certification by PFC visit PFC (NASM) .

why you should quit as a personal trainer

What About Online Personal Training Certification?

#1 ACE Online Personal Training Certification 

The most comprehensive package for ACE Online Personal Training Certification is $999 (offer now at $799 ). Approximately RM4000 before discount and RM 3200 after discount .

What is the difference between offline and online ACE personal training certification?

The really, REALLY, really different is that, what you going to learn with FIT MALAYSIA, everything will be conducted online! YES including, your lecturer. ACE has a system called ACE STUDY COACHES.

The main role of these study coaches is to assist you in whatever questions or problems you have, which include study and career .

So, with the huge gap price, will you go online or offline?

Check out more about Online ACE personal training certification here

#2 NASM Online Personal Training Certification 

With the guarantee of landing you a job after completed NASM online personal training ,this is something that you might want to have a deep thougt .

The most comprehensive NASM online personal training programme is their CPT All-Inclusive Program . It cost $1,999.00 (around RM 8000) .WTF ?? So expensive?


DID I SAY  “guarantee of landing you a job ” ?

Let”s see what is inside this RM8k online personal training programme .

“The CPT All-Inclusive Program offers premium study resources with guided support—all designed for maximum exam preparedness. Plus, you will be placed into the Gymternship™ Program where you will receive on-site, hands-on experience with actual fitness clients. The program includes weekly online and practical assignments that incorporate fitness training services, typical facility tasks, and mentoring. Best of all, after successful completion, you are guaranteed to land a job!” – NASM.ORG

Best of all, after successful completion, you are guaranteed to land a job!

Program benefits:

  1. Certification-Ready – Get ready to conquer the NCCA accredited CPT certification exam as you prepare using a variety of tools including interactivities, case studies, videos, quizzes and practice tests.
  2. Exceptional Support – Receive expert guidance, including a virtual study group led by a dedicated Mentor and Coach who has personally completed the program and is excited to help.
  3. Content Expertise – Master the premium content and impress your clients with your exceptional level of knowledge.
  4. Flexibility – The CPT Career Booster Program, while in a paced structure will allow you to work and study at your convenience. If you are currently working or in school, there will be no commitments requiring you to take time off.
  5. Real-life experience – You will receive on-site, hands-on experience with actual fitness clients, including weekly online and practical assignments that incorporate fitness training services, typical facility tasks, and mentoring.
  6. Job Guarantee – With completion of the included Gymternship™ Program, NASM guarantees that you will get a job within 90 days, or the cost of the Gymternship™ Program will be refunded to you.*
  7. Program Includes:

✔NCCA Accredited Exam ✔Textbook PDF (20 chapters) ✔Lecture Videos ✔Exercise Library ✔Correcting Form Videos ✔Practice Exams ✔Quizzes ✔Study Guide ✔Anatomy Memorization Activity ✔Learning Activities ✔Flashcard Bundles ✔Content/Exam Prep Webinars ✔Access to Coach and Mentor ✔Discussion Questions ✔Live Workshop ✔Exam Prep Guarantee* ✔Retest Voucher ✔Job Guarantee* ✔CPT Development Program ✔NASM-CPT Hardcopy Textbook ✔NASM Business Accelerator program.

Check out more about Online NASM personal training certification here


#1 Commercial Gym 

The commercial gym is the best place to start your personal training career. Sebastian uses to work with fitness first Malaysia, he owns a gym and also a FIT Malaysia courses conductor.

Let’s listen to his podcast on the topic “#8 S1TB: WHY STARTING YOUR FITNESS CAREER AT COMMERCIAL GYM IS A GOOD THING ?”

for more PT KICKSTARTER podcast visit 

#2 Fitness Studio

Not all fitness studio will employ a fresh personal trainer. But if you get one, congrats!

You might not be able to earn as much as working with the commercial gym, but what is for sure, is that, you get to learn more about that niche that the fitness studio offer . What do i mean by “that niche “?

The most distinct difference between fitness studio and commercial gym, can be illustrated as the different between 99 speedmart and Tesco . 99 speedmart selling very niche, basic household needs. Tesco sells a huge variety of stuff and also households needs. So, 99 spreadmarts is the fitness studio and Tesco is the commercial gym.

The fitness studio that i used to work focuses on rehabilitation using exercises. So, i get to learn the knowledge, while i am working with the commercial gym, I did not get to learn this knowledge.


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