3 Signs That You Hired Shitty Personal Trainer

3 Signs That You Hired Shitty Personal Trainer

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Hei guys I am coach Weng ,
Personal trainers are at every corner . It is way too easy to get a personal training certification nowadays .

So I am going to share with you , the top 3 signs that indicate you have a shitty personal trainer.If you already hired one .

Number 3.
Low carbs high protein diet .
Low carbs diet will decrease men”s testosterone , high protein will spike up insulin as well and also both carbs and protein have the same amount of calories per gram .so , why low carbs and high protein ? Just dumb.

Number 2.
Do more running to burn fat.
Asking a 200pounds client to run on a treadmill ?it is just stupid . Do you know that when you run, you will add extra force on your knees? You will get a knee surgery before losing any pound .

Number 1.
so you tell your trainer that you want to loss weight , and he bring you the yoga mat and ask to do 100 sit ups .after 3 months of doing that , u are still fat as fuck .
Doing sit up to loss weight is just dumb.

Fire your trainer !

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