3 Things Doing More Damage To Your Sales Than You Realize

how to sell personal training package and gym membership

I have been working in the commercial gym for the past 5 years,from a noob trainers to a strong management person.I have followed alot of leaders ,some sucks ,some okok and some good.

Sales/Revenue is the HEART for all commercial gym,well, basically it is for any businesses.All leaders will try their best to hit the club goal every single month,by driving and motivate all the trainers and sales consultants to work their ass off.Below tricks are able to help you to drive more sales as a personal and as a team.Either you are a personal trainer,want to sell more personal training packages or you are a membership consultant that stressing on hitting your monthly target,these article will be super duper useful.

Lets look at what are the 3 things that the leaders teach that might cause serious bleeding to the gym/business.


  1. Misconception:Salespeople are good talkers

Suck leaders = Keep talking ,keep talking ,keep talking ,keep talking ,keep talking, until the clients’s face full of saliva .

Okok leaders = This type of leaders ,stay in between the sucks and the good wan.They will listen and ask questions back to the customer.But the problem is,the questions that they ask sometime is irrelevant and boring.

Good leaders = The first thing that this leaders will do,are a quick ice breaking and build rapport with the client.Then slowly when the engine heat up, he/she will ask all sort of questions that able to lead the customer to be interested and eventually will buy the training packages or membership.

A good sales people are good listeners ,and the best salespeople listen much more effectively than others.Come on, we must listen to what they say,so that we can understand what they want.Common sense la.But wait! Weng ,im a personal trainer ,im not a sales man!

No sales ,who keluar your gaji?


                            2. Misconception:You need to know the product up ,downside,back and front,every single corner of it.

Suck leaders = Keep talking ,keep talking ,keep talking ,keep talking ,keep talking,until the client’s face,full of saliva .Because he/she is so clear about the products.When you are too focus on the products, you might be neglect your customers’s true need.

Okok leaders=This leaders ,know abit of products ,but DO NOT know how to use what they know to effectively apply on the client.

Good leaders=A good leaders will stand between the client and the products/service.

A good leaders will teach their people in a such way that ,they need to stand between the client and the products that they are selling.For example: i sold lots of body building supplements ,in a supplement shop,but , without knowing everything about them.I honestly couldn’t tell you what type of material they were made of.However, i could tell you which one suit you the best and what each will do to your body.


3. Misconception : I must believe in a product 1001% before i could sell it.

Suck leaders =Keep talking ,keep talking ,keep talking ,keep talking ,keep talking.Until the client’s face full of saliva .Because he/she only believe that the product they are selling.Nothing else.Even if the products actually do not suit the clients.

Okok leaders=  This leader will spent most of their time and effort in brainwashing themselves, that their products are the best.But at the same time , will listen to the client, and twist twist abit,try to fit their products into client’s needs.

Good leaders = This leader will put the customer’s opinion as the first priority, instead of putting their on the product as the priority.This type of leader is very clear about 1 statement ,”what the customer wants ,and how my products/services could gives him what he wants.”

When you hold the belief that your product is the best, the sale is not longer about the customer’s situation,opinion and needs,instead it is about your opinion of the product.

Another great tips that i could share with you all is ,doing sales is like courting girls.Go easy, understand them and then hoola,your first date is ON!


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