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Recently, the Fitness Industry is growing exponentially. Since the awareness of the benefits of fitness has been expanding for over a decade, people are becoming more conscious and desiring a better quality of life. This makes the client market expands and create more opportunities for new coaches to enter the market.

Now, as a new coach, what should you do to stand out from the others?

Based on my experience;

First, learn as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. To grow, you need to make as many mistakes as you can, and learn from it.

Second, don’t just train but give value to your clients.

They don’t even care if you are the best in the industry or not, what they care about is that you care for them and genuinely want to help them in achieving their goals. Don’t try too hard to be the best, be the most helpful for your client instead.

Third, find a good mentor or a good platform to grow.

Remember that even coaches need coach to help them to reach their optimum potentials.

Fourth, fortune does not always come in the form of money or material things.
Fortune can also come to you in different ways, such as meeting new people that who knows will open new opportunities for you and lead you to grow your business further. Don’t forget that luck comes to those who prepared and worked hard for it.

That is all I can share with you in this session. Hopefully, it will benefit you in any way. Good luck!


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