Hei guys , I am coach Weng here.This pod cast is for the fakers.

I do understand the meaning of fake it till you make it . But sometimes it just do not work .

It’s too easy to get certified as a personal trainer nowadays, every Jack and Harry can claim themself as a personal trainer, as long as they own a personal training certification.

And to gain that personal training certification, it might only take them 3 days of learning workshop . Well , a 3 days workshop will not create a great trainer .Unless you already have a strong background as a personal trainer.

So ,stop lying about your accomplishments . Stop lying that you are the no1 coach in Malaysia , Asia , stop lying that you trained the famous celebrity or whatsoever . fake it and you will fail it .

With the rush of getting instant success and money fast , too many young coaches tend to fall into the lie it till you make it trap .

I’ve received plenty of emails from rookies trainers that want to know what they have to do to write for popular websites, or present at conferences and seminars, or train celebrities and pro athletes .

I’m 31, and I’ve been coaching for about 9 years now . Throughout these years, i always wondering how to be a coach that everyone want to train with . When I look back now , those coaches that successful in the fitness industry today, they were once no body . No-one know them when they started . They work hard to make it who they are today .

Last year , when I travelled to Japan with the Malaysia female basketball team , I met the strength and conditioning head coach for Japan basketball team .Just for your information , Japan is the strongest basketball team in Asia .

So ,I have a short conversation with him . He has been working as a coach in Japan”s high school for more than 15 years , before he get a job as a coach in the university . He spent another 10 years as a coach in the university ,before getting job as a assistant coach at the Japan basketball team .He spent 5 years as a assistant coach before becoming the head coach . So he spent a total of 30 years before reaching the top .

What I want to tell you is that , there”s really no secret to success .If you want to success , you need to be patient , you need to have the solid skills , knowledge and foundation .

Sometime I really want to laugh on those coaches that brand themself as “top coach in Malaysia” ,”or world class trainer “ . All of a sudden ,my facebook is full of “world class” young coaches.

If you’re one of those trainers, I’m here to tell you that by faking your resume can end up making you look worse .

If you have a high-profile client, it’s completely fine to let people know.

But working with one athlete, singer, or actor for a session or 2 doesn’t make you a sports-performance coach or a celebrity trainer.

Sound familiar ?I bet that you have see those faker on you facebook or instagram before .

I totally understand that why young coaches fall into this faking trap . They want to get money in fast and easy . They saw their friends bought a new house , they saw their friends bought a new car , their friends bring his girlfriend travel to europe , buy her gucci hand bag , and you want to live just like them .

Not to make you sad or to disappoint you , but personal trainer is not a get rich fast scheme . You cant fast forward things . This is just not how the games works . You might be able to shorten the journey to success a little bit , but it definitely will not happen overnight .

Be patient , learn as much as you can . And you will excel in the fitness industry .




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