Body Factory Gym & Fitness @ PJ

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A fully Equipped Gym That Open 24 HOURS With Trainers and Classes for All Fitness Levels.

Body Factory Gym & Fitness Centre is a fully equipped gym and fitness centre with the following facilities:
* Full range of dumbbells ranging from 1KG to 50KG for weight training
* Wide range of cardiovascular machines
* Juice Bar/ Protein Bar
* Separate rainshower and sauna facilities for Men and Women
* Studio for Fitness Classes and Yoga
* Personal trainers



Web Site:

Address : No.11 1st and 2nd floor, PJ 21, Jalan ss3/39, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

1 month Registration: RM100 Monthly: RM95
6 months Registration: RM50 Monthly: RM85
12 months No Registration Monthly: RM80

WALK IN: RM8 unlimited hours

5 sessions: RM500 (RM100 per session)
10 sessions: RM900 (RM90 per session)
20 sessions: RM1600 (RM80 per session)
30 sessions: RM2100 (RM70 per session)

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3 thoughts on “Body Factory Gym & Fitness @ PJ

  1. Jay

    Hi i am member of BF gym i notice at the 2nd floor, The flat utility bench was dismantled for many months was not repaired . Now yesterday Sunday 4th feb we went up and discovered the calf machine and another abb bench was dismantle .
    So far we were using the calf machine was fine and no defect at all, and there was no reason to dismantle the a pair of cushion layer from the calf machine, The last we use the “CM” ( calf Machine) last week on the 1st mar 2018 .
    We were shock to see the “CM” was dismantle. Hope it can be rectify in what ever is necessary, cos this CM is really mandatory for us Thank you.



    Good Day to you, my name is Edison, would like to supply the energy drink to your fitness.

    Hope we can cooperate in future.

    They are some brands of comparison below for your perusal.

    Thank you very much

    Best Regard,

    1. Hi Edison,
      Kindly contact the gym at 03-78656292 .cheers

      Coach Weng

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