Increase Your Career Capital To Excel In Your Career.

Increase Your Career Capital To Excel In Your Career.

Hei guys , how” s thing going ?

Today I would like to share with you a very important concept which is called CAREER CAPITAL .


a) Lost in your career ,

b) Do not know what to do next in your career , should you go for full entrepreneur .

c) You feel scare that you are not good enough to create your own business

This pod cast will definitely give you the confident to move forward.

I get to know this concept while reading SO GOOD THEY CANT IGNORE YOU , by CAL NEW PORT , on my life purpose finding trips ,or what u guys so call getaway trip.

As I mention before , a getaway trip should be a trip for reflection , planning for your future career , and it is not a trip that you get so drunk and back to your old working routine .

If you guys want a copy of this book feel free to pm me or directly email me at

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i was somewhere around the world while writing this .

So , let’s look at what is the meaning of career capital , and why it is so important in our career.

What is career capital ?

According to Cal , if you want a great job, you need to build up rare and valuable skills—which is called career capital—to offer in return.

A great skills is not enough ,you need to be better than great. You need to be so good at what you are doing ,untill the world can’t ignore you.

how to find a career that suit me

If you are a swimmer for example , it is not enough to just represent your state or to be no.1 in your country .

I mean is it a great achievement , that you are Malaysia no.1 “s swimmers . But it is not great enough . You need to be better that great .

When you are at the the top level , your career capital which is your swimming skills , could offer something very valuable to others in your career , just like Michael Phelps .

A lot of people including myself are so tempted in doing things that can earn money fast .Therefore we jump from one industry to another industry . And after couple of months , we feel bore and we jump to another company or start another online business . And this whole process KEEP repeating , until one day we feel scare ,we feel depress and ask ourself why I keep failing , why the world so unfair to me .

It is not the world , but it is us that make ourself fail so badly . We do not have enough career capital to offer to others to pay us . We do not have the rare and valuable skills that worth enough to get paid .

how to find the best career that suit me

I have a friend named Amos , he do not have any degree or whatever higher education. He worked in a furniture sales gallery for couple of years , and thought of , this is not something that he wants . Then he changed his job to a call representative with one of the bank. While he is doing his calling job , he also has his part time job as a real estate agent . After about 3 years of working he then quit his job and venture full time into his real estate business .

Fast forward 8 years now , he gain financial freedom and has time for his family .

When I interviewed him, how he did it , he mention that what he did in this past 8 years are just learning the skills in selling real estate , that is the only things that he does , until he is so good that people are willing to pay him to teach them how to sell property. His career capital in selling real estate is so great , that people can’t ignore him .

So now, let’s have some reflection question . 

What is your CAREER CAPITAL ?

What is the no1 skill that you have, that people are willing to pay you for it?

I hope this pod cast is able to at least unstuck some of your confusion in career . I’m here wishing you all da best and be positive .

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