Fast Weight Loss 201- The Effect Of Food In Fast Fat Loss Part 1

This fast weight loss 201 is for people that is looking for in depth knowledge on the science behind weight loss.In this article i will be sharing how does the hormone produced by the Endocrine system will impact weight loss.This article will be breaking down into 4 parts for easy reading.Enjoy :)

The Endocrine and Fast Weight Loss

Thank to Liam for your suggestion on the relationship between weight loss and endocrine .This fast weight loss 201 is for people that is looking for in depth knowledge on the science behind weight loss.In this article i will be sharing how does the hormone produced by the Endocrine system will impact weight loss.This article will be breaking down into 4 parts for easy reading.Enjoy 🙂

Endocrine and Weight Loss.

What is Endocrine System?

The endocrine system refers to the glands in our bodies that secret and regulate the different HORMONES we need.

“Glands:an organ in the human or animal body that secretes particular chemical substances for use in the body or for discharge into the surroundings.”

What Hormones secreted by Endocrine System?

    1. Oxytocin
    2. Anti-Diuretic Hormone (ADH), also known as “vasopressin”
    3. Prolactin (PRL)
    4. Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
    5. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
    6. Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone (ACTH)
    7. Luteinizing Hormone (LH)
    8. Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
    9. Melanin Stimulating Hormone (MSH)
    10. Gonadotrophins
    11. Interstitial Cell Stimulating Hormone (ICSH)
    12. Intermedin
    13. Melatonin
    14. Thyroxin
    15. Calcitonin
    16. Parathormone
    17. Thymosin
    18. T-Lymphocytes
    19. Beta Cells
    20. Insulin
    21. Glucagon
    22. Adrenalin
    23. Noradrenalin
    24. Corticosteroids
    25. Oestrogen
    26. Progesterone
    27. Testosterone –

You must be thinking “WALAUYEAH ,i cant even pronounce some of the term”! Do not worry.We are only picking those hormones that effect weight loss.Lets narrow down to only hormones that will affect our body’s fat distribution and weight loss.

The hormones that effect weight loss and fat distribution are:(let me know if i missed out anything).

a) Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
b) Thyroxin
c) Parathormone
d) Insulin
e) Glucagon
f) Adrenalin
g) Corticosteroids
h) Testosterone

What is Human Growth Hormone(HGH)?

“HGH is a protein that will get broken down in the stomach unless it is injected,” he says. “And besides, any drug not tested or approved by FDA is risky because it is unknown and not necessarily safe, pure, sterile, or what is being advertised.”- Tritos

HGH, produced by the pituitary gland, stimulate growth in children and adolescents. It helps in maintaining body composition, body fluids, MUSCLE and bone growth, sugar and FAT METABOLISM, and possibly heart function.

How HGH Effect Weight Loss?

HGH is converted to insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in your liver.Normally, a person’s body uses all of their glucose as energy before burning energy from their fat reserves. However, the human growth hormone (HGH) forces your body to obtain more energy from its fat reserves instead of GLUCOSE(carbohydrate).This also mean that fat will be used as energy source,and therefore fat loss occur.

“This study demonstrates that in obese subjects given a hypocaloric diet, GH accelerates BODY FAT LOSS, exerts anabolic effects and improves GH secretion.” – ncbi

*Hypocaloric =  low number of dietary calories.*

*anabolic effect = The chemical reactions that synthesize molecules in metabolism.”

How to Increase HGH Naturally to Enhance Weight Loss?

  1. High intensity burst training or HIIT is able to engage super-fast twitch muscle fibers, which release HGH naturally.
  2. Get enough sleep. Getting 8 hours per night optimizes production of HGH.
  3. Eat high quality protein. Consume a high-protein, low-carbohydrate snack before going to bed. The amino acids will help to boost HGH, while avoiding too many carbs will keep insulin levels low so that it cannot inhibit growth hormone from doing its work.
  4. Optimize Vitamin D levels at 70-100 ng/mL.
  5. Avoid sugar after workouts. Consuming sugar (especially fructose) within 2 hours post workout will cause your hypothalamus to release somatostatin, which will decrease your production of HGH. Simple sugars that are high-glycemic also spike insulin levels. Not only does this lead to body fat storage, but it severely decreases the release of growth hormone.
  6. L-arginine and L-lysine. The combination of these two amino acids together before exercise and sleep has shown to increase growth hormone production by up to 700 percent. Take 3 to 5 grams for optimal results.
  7. Glutamine. Take 2 to 10 g of glutamine after a workout or before bed. Glutamine may boost HGH levels, according to a study conducted by researchers at the Louisiana State College of Medicine. They discovered that subjects consuming 2 g of glutamine experienced increases in HGH levels. Their findings were reported in the 1995 issue of “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.”- Dr. Mike at The Body Well

20 Food That Increases HGH Naturally.

1. Pineapple
2. Fava Beans
3. Goji Berries
4. Coconut Oil
5. Grassfed Beef
6. Yoghurt
7. Raw Chocolate
8. Algaes
9. Eggs
10. Watermelon
11. Parmesan
13. Raisins
14. Whey Protein
15. Gelatin Desserts
16. Beets
17. Lemons
18. Colostrum
19. Raw Milk
20. Water

Click here for more example of food that could boost up your testoterone.

What Is Thyroxin or T4?

Thyroxine or T4 is a hormone made by your thyroid . According to Thyroxine is a hormone the secretes by thyroid gland into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, thyroxine travels to the organs, like the liver and kidneys, where it is converted to its active form of triiodothyronine. T4  helps in heart and digestive function, METABOLISM, brain development, bone health and muscle control.

How Thyroxin Effect Weight Loss?

As stated above ,thyroxin plays a vital role in metabolism.When your thyroxin hormones running low ,your metabolism will run low, and this will caused a chain of reaction of your heart rate will decrease ,your metabolism and others functions will decrease accordingly.This condition is called Hypothyroidism. –

How to Increase Thyroxin Naturally to Enhance Weight Loss?

There are 3 areas that we can improve to increase hormones Thyroxin naturally to enhance weight loss:

3)Stress Management


  1. Eliminate processed foods and carbohydrates, including sugar.
  2. Eat thyroid-boosting fats – coconut oil
  3. Eat thyroid-boosting fermented foods and drinks – Cultured Vegetables ,Dong Quai
  4. Use sea salt.
  5. Eat your sea vegetables.


  1. Exercise to help detoxify – Find an exercise that you like to do and be consistent in doing it.

Stress Management:

  1. Sleep deeply like a healthy young child.
  2. Have adequate sleeps.
  3. Manage your emotions.

Below is the 7 steps to enhance you level of thyroxin by DR.Hyman

1)Treat the Underlying Causes — Identify and treat the underlying causes of hypothyroidism, like food allergies, gluten, heavy metals, nutritional deficiencies, and stress.
2)Optimize Your Nutrition — Support your thyroid with optimal nutrition, including foods that contain iodine, zinc, omega-3 fats, selenium, and more.
3)Minimize Stress — Eliminate adrenal exhaustion and minimize stress by engaging in a comprehensive stress management program.
4)Exercise — Engage in thyroid stimulating exercise, which boosts thyroid function.
5)Supplement — Use supplements to help enhance thyroid function, including all the nutrients needed for proper thyroid metabolism and function.
6)Heat Therapy — Use saunas and heat to eliminate stored toxins, which interfere with thyroid function.
7)Thyroid Hormones — Use thyroid hormone replacement therapy to help support your thyroid gland.

As a conclusion thus far, HGH hormone can be increase naturally by but not limited to ,avoiding sugar to prevent the increase of insulin.And also by doing HIIT workour, will encourage the release of HGH naturally .The increayses of hormones Thyroxin can be done by managing these 3 areas which include Nutrition ,Exercise and Stress Management.

That is it for the first part for Fast Weight Loss 201- The Endocrine and Weight Loss Part 1.Happy lifting.




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