Ghost Gym Is The Next Generation Gym


The Ghost Gym Business Model Will Be The Next Fitness Trends In Malaysia and Global.

Look around you ,how many of your friends own a personal training certification or related qualification?

How many of you are a certified personal trainer or coach?

How many of you fed up of working in commercial gym due to the long hours and politics in the company?

How many of you want to set up your own personal training business?

How many of you want to set up a gym ,studio or whatever is it, but scare of taking risk or short of money?

How many of you finding it hard to get a good quality gym that accept free lance trainer with low entrance fees?

The personal training industry in Malaysia is raising fast and high.


With the listed challenges above ,hardly anything in the market are able to fix these.



The born of GHOST GYM will SETTLE all of the above problems!


the-best-gym-model 2017Before you go into a freelance pt business make sure you read below articles first.



What Makes The GHOST GYM The Future Gym?

I named this concept Ghost Gym,because there will be no-one operating the gym literally.Everything will be managed by a centralize system and apps.

1) Low Set Up Cost – Minimum cost required to set up a ghost gym

2) Zero staff – All computerize and operated by using apps

3) Easy to expand -Zero staff , and with a centralized system that controlled by using apps and online system, it will be 100000 time easier to expand compare with a commercial gym ,that needed at least 20 staff to operate and near if not more than RM 1 million to set up !

4) Great benefits for gym goer – No need to pay extra fixed monthly membership.Pay only personal training session

5) Great benefits for fitness entrepreneur – Low/zero set up cost for coaches that looking to start up their own business

6) Disrupting Old Industry – Ghost gym is going to disrupt the gym and fitness in general.Ghost gym is changing the faces of fitness industry.Ghost gym  is making it less of a need to own a gym,fitness studio and instead renting  a gym for the price of RM 20 or less.

7) Higher and Faster ROI – The main expenses for a gym is normally staff’s wages ,electricity wastage during non peak hour.With the concept of the ghost gym,zero staff , minimum electric and water wastage  , ROI will be faster and higher than the regular gym.

8) Run Like Own Business – Trainer is going to set their own price , set their own schedule just like running their own PT business.

The Basic Idea Of The Ghost Gym.

> Trainers rent each ghost box to train their client with minimum charges.

> Clients no need to pay monthly gym membership fees .

> A gym that is controlled by system and apps

> A gym that able to expand like 99 speedmart.

> A gym that build community .

SO,what exactly will a ghost gym look like?


The Ghost Boxes

Ghost gym will be divided into different Ghost Boxes .This ghost boxes is for personal trainer to coach their clients.

The Ghost System

The ghost system consist of the below system:

Personal Trainer Register System – Before you become the Ghost trainer , you need to register with us.After you registered , you will be given an access card to top up your usage.

Personal Trainer Package System – We have a couple of attractive Ghost Trainer Packages to help entrepreneur to start up their business.The price system are at below:


So ,the Demon packages you are able to conduct 25 sessions of personal training in a month,and that will be RM20 per session .The Black Serpent package will be RM 1000 for 66 sessions in a month and that will be RM15 per session , and the Spirit session will be RM10 per session.This price is freaking reasonable ,if you have a question about the pricing . As an average, a hardcore gym per entrance fees is like RM10 per person.So ,if you are bringing your clients along, it will be a total of RM20. RM20 for a sweaty ,non air-conditioned ,dirty messy gym?Come on!

With RM 20 ,you could train at a private room ,with complete set of functional equipment and air conditioned.This will happen only in Ghost Gym ! When you have more clients in hand,you can always top up to a bigger package through online purchase.

Lets Do An Average Revenue Estimation:

Ah Weng got 10 clients that train twice a week. And his charges is RM120 per hour.

10clients X2(twice a week)= 20 hours

20hours X 4 weeks = 80 hours

Lets says the FFK rate is 20% 

20% X 80 hours =64 hours of training

64 X RM 120 = RM 7680

Pay Ghost Gym

RM 1000 for Black Serpent Package

You still earn a net of RM 6680!

Instead of focking out few hundreads thousand to set up a gym,you can use our fully equip gym by paying the minimum. And the best part is, you can go hop around to every ghost gym in Malaysia ,without paying any extra fees!



Personal Trainer 75 System

This is a system when personal trainer start to train their client .The official training hour will be an hour .The trainer need to tap their card to open the door for their room. Once tapped, the countdown will start . And the door will be permanently auto locked after 75 minutes.So the trainer have a 15 minutes buffer to leave the room . If the trainers dint manage to get out from the room, the trainer will need to use the ghost gym apps’s personalize QR code to unlock the door .However after 3 times of overtime ,a penalty of RM 50 will be charged.



Personal Trainer Equipment System

Scare of equipment being stolen ? No worries .We have it covered. Each pieces of equipment will have a code installed in it. Is just like how the library or shopping mall works . So if you pass by the sensor with the equipment with you , the door will be auto locked .You need to use the personalize QR code to unlock . After 3 times of “stealing” you will be terminated and black listed.


The Ghost Gym Member Registration Process

Members (PT’s clients ) are requested to register and book their training session on the ghost gym apps.After every session , members are requested to scan their QR code to prove their session is already done . After scanning,a feed back form will pop up ,and the clients are requested to put a satisfaction score, out of 5 for the training session.

The Ghost Gym PT Registration Process

Each personal trainer must posses a personal training certification ,equivalent or higher education in order to become ghost gym’s trainer.Each trainer’s profile will be linked with their social media platform such as facebook and instagram.


The Ghost Gym Booking System

Each Member need to book their session with the ghost gym apps.And trainer need to accept the booking ,and trainers/clients has 48 hours of to cancel their session if they cannot make it.

The Ghost Gym Community

Each member will be gather into a Ghost Gym online forum to exchange opinion and also feedback on how does ghost gym working so far.A weekly and monthly gathering with prize giving will be conducted to the biggest achiever.

The Ghost Gym Apps

the-best-gym-model 2017

This apps is pretty much all we need to run the ghost gym.We can use this apps to book a training session,cancel session,purchase more training session and we can even use this apps to calculate how much calories we have burn according to the exercise that the personal trainer prescript.

For client, they can use this apps to keep track on their weight,total sessions done, calories burn ,how far are they from their goal.Another highlight of this apps is that it can calculate how much calories the food they have taken in , just by scanning the food!

the-best-gym-model 2017


Above is just my imagination about the future gym.If you do come across such gym please share it at the comment box !  If you do interested on the ghost gym plan,feel free to contact me,and we shall talk more 🙂


Share and comment about how should a future gym looks like and how it should be operated



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4 thoughts on “Ghost Gym Is The Next Generation Gym

  1. Chris

    This is one of the best idea for ghost gym
    But first to first , you setup the gym box
    Every box also need to come with equipment
    The equipment need to be full and it also cost a pretty lumpsum of money
    As it is also not a small amount compare to the normal gym
    Just that It can save the cost of electricity and staff cost compare to the normal gym
    Other than that equipment wise i think you can save anywhere much and it take alot of SPACE
    Any comment ?

    1. Hei Chris,
      Thank you for dropping comment over here.Great to know that you like the idea. The ghost gym is build upon the concpet of fitness studio ,which require functional equipment such as kettlebell ,swissball ,bosu etc. Each ghost box is like a mini studio.Tne downside of it is that ,it cant cater for people that wana build huge muscle ,since it require alot of machine and weights.For people that wana gain overall health,losing some inches of their waist ,rehabilition ,ghost gym is definately a good place to train at..i hope this answered your question.Tq

      Coach Weng

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