Gym In Malaysia Is At Least 7-10 years Behind !

gym in malaysia

Hei guys , how’s thing going ?

Are you still doing your crossfit workout ? Still into HIIT ? Still believing that if a women lift more than you , she is going to have a body like Arnold ?


Yeah , like outdated , outdated .

I really mean outdated , outdated. Is like carrying a nokia 3310 ,while others are using Iphone 7s .

I posted a question that says ” Anyone know where can i can updated insight information about the fitness amd wellness trends around Asia region? FREE or PAID… Cheers ” recently on my linkedin , with the sole purpose of getting some in formations for  my research, on the fitness market in Asia and Malaysia . However , i get some interesting answers for this question .

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  ” What do you want to know? Asia is effectively 5 years behind the UK and the USA.”

Chris Cooke (Founder healthclubTV)

Not to sound like a dick, but he’s right. Although I’d say like 7-10 years. But the thing that does well here is HIIT, HIIT, HIIT. And CrossFit is growing here, while declining in the west, of course that supports the position above, which is why CF HQ is putting a lot of investment into China and India. The other things are Les Mills, running and Zumba. Asia is still cardio crazy with its still very outdated “women will get bulky” attitude.

Ror Alexander   (Wellness Architect & Functional Lifestylist – Educator – Podcast host)

Esp in Malaysia, with the mindset of paying “cheap” membership with full range of facilities, from having spacious shower room to high end gym equipments to mandatory free flow juice bar, this is the main reason why the fitness industry is taking a few step backward as opposed to moving forward. There are plenty of fitness clubs were closing down due to the high overhead cost which is impossible to overcome with only RM 180 plus a month (if you convert back to USD, you would realize how crazily low our gym membership price is), and competitors like boutique gyms are freshly blooming up claiming themselves “special” for catering only HIIT class by paying exorbitant fees just joining “special HIIT”. When comes to Trainer, if you have a huge muscular body, you are claimed to be experienced trainer with zero qualification but with FULL experience in bodybuilding. The gyms would rather pay less in hiring trainer who has less qualification after all our job is to “train” people. There is so much more to say about Fitness in Asia. God.

  I-Zach Lim (NASM Certified Personal Trainer / Animal Flow Instructor / NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist / Rehab Trainer)

fitness industry in malaysia

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