HealthifyMe Is Hitting Hard In Malaysia- First Regional Expansion In South East Asia

Finally someone took the first step in creating something different , an AI based technology fitness apps .

I have been waiting this for too long , and finally HealthifyMe is coming into Malaysia as their first regional expansion in south east asia .

I am always looking for innovative idea that  able to crash the traditional fitness business model .

My very first idea is the ghost gym where the business concept is like airbnb , but this is a sharing space for coaches . The most challenging task for a coach is to get a place to train their clients . So ghost gym will solve this problem.To read the whole business model of ghost gym , read it here =>Ghost Gym Is The Next Generation Gym.

Fitness apps like HealthifyMe took more that “balls” to create it .You need to have faith , work hard and luck as well ,as you need to have people that trust your vision and your goal as well .

Co-founder and chief executive officer, Tushar Vashisht is a true legend . I have been waiting for “THE ONE”  person that able to create something that able to breakthrough the tradition boring business idea ,and sir Tushar Vashisht make it !

HealthifyMe first launched in India in 2012, and now has over eight million users worldwide.

And Healthifyme is hitting hard in Malaysia .

This expansion comes on the back of the app’s Series B fundraising, which collectively totals at US$18 million from existing investors and InnoVen Capital, a Temasek backed entity, to fund the regional expansion as well as other new features and initiatives. –

How Does HealthifyMe Actually Works ?

Simple put in this way , your personal trainer and your nutritionist is inside your pocket.You can reach out to them anytime anywhere , and the best part is , the monthly price is cheaper than your gym monthly fees ! Hell yeah !

So let me brief you on how to use HealthifyMe in Malaysia , to help you to loss weight , build muscle with professional coaches and also nutritionist .

All registered user will get a free trial when your chosen coach or  nutritionist or both .After that you need to book a time to speak to Healthifyme coaches so that , they can know more about you , and how to help you to achieve your fitness goal . After that , these coaches will then sent you a well design programme according to you fitness goal .

If you like it , you can proceed with their monthly dirt cheap programme .

For full video version on how to register as a healthifyMe user for free and coach selection in Malaysia , watch below video

How to Use Healthifyme Apps In Malaysia – Step by Step Guide (Unoffifical)

Will HealthifyMe Take Over Commercial Gym In Malaysia?

This is a great questions to ask .In my opinion , HealthifyMe will definitely make an impact to the commercial gym and also others brick and mortal fitness business in Malaysia.

But how big is the impact ? Well , i would say  a good 5- 10% of the total revenue (if there are any). I believe that it is not significant enough to “kill” the commercial gyms .

So , Weng , are you saying that HealthifyMe will not make it in Malaysia ?

HealthifyMe is definitely a great innovative fitness apps ,and it is the very first that came into Malaysia .I believe that alot of people especially the millennium will rush to install the apps , and have a look at it ,  since everyone is talking about HealthifyMe in Malaysia .


What makes these people want to buy a programme from it ? Because of the price ? Because it is something new ? Because it is trending at the moment ?

Lets Look At The Buying Psychology Aspect of The Millennium .

  1. Millennium value authenticity as more important than content. 43% of millennials rank authenticity over content when consuming news.
  2. Millennium want to engage with brands on social networks. 62% of millennials say that if a brand engages with them on social networks, they are more likely to become a loyal customer.
  3. Millennium expect brands to give back to society. 75% said that it’s either fairly or very important that a company gives back to society instead of just making a profit.
  4. Low brand loyalty . Millennium love new stuff . When they are new apps or products came out , they are the first that buy . But , if there are another new apps or products came out , the older apps or products might loss them.This is one of the reason why Kfit is cannot make it in Malaysia , as the brand loyalty is weak .

 Does HealthifyMe able to provide all above for their Millennium market ?

Lets Look At The 3 Main Training Aspect

  1. Personal training and coaching such as weight loss , muscle building and others fitness activity is a service industry.Will people accept it online as what HealthifyMe offer ?
  2. Exercise is something that needed to be push , and motivated consistently by someone or something , such as reward .Will HealthifyMe able to provide such advantage ?
  3. Doing a perfect movement is all about posture and correct lifting technique . Can HealthifyMe provide such details workout instruction ?(i am very particular with this , as a national sports performance coach , details are everything.)

Do you think HealthifyMe will be a competitive threat to Malaysia”s traditional fitness gym ?Leave your comment below .


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