How To Become A Personal Trainer In Malaysia Without Any Fitness Background.

How To Become A Personal Trainer In Malaysia Without Any Fitness Background.

Hei guys , so , today”s topic is all about how to get you started , as a personal trainer without any fitness background .

It sounds like a complex process , do not worry , i have been doing this (as a trainer) for years now , i will go  through every single step  and i will make sure you understand everything after this pod cast .

So , lets get started .

First things first , in order to become a personal trainer , even thou you do not have any fitness background , you will need a certification to start your career . Even thou some companies will give free training and development to their rookies trainers, without the trainers have any prior fitness background  ,which i will be talking about it later , but , really , the very first things that you need to consider if you want to become a professional trainer , is to get a recognized certification .

Lets look at the personal training certifications that are available in the market .

How To Become A Personal Trainer In Malaysia Without Any Fitness Background.

The first one , NASM personal training certification .NASM  stand for  NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SPORTS MEDICINE .

How To Become A Personal Trainer In Malaysia Without Any Fitness Background.

The second will be ACE personal training certification , which ACE stand for  AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EXERCISE .

So , these 2 are the most popular and recognized world wide personal training certification .

Next questions , you might ask , Weng i know nothing about fitness , can i catch up with the course ?

Well , just like learning any new subject at school , you need to go to class , take notes , study and go for exam .

The place that i know in Malaysia that provide ACE certification will be Fitness Innovation Malaysia or FIT Malaysia in short .

NASM certification will be PFC studio  .

So , after register to either certification provider , you will need to attend classes  ,where you are going to  learn about all the things that you need , to kickstart your personal training career .


Typically ACE certification by FIT Malaysia , will cost around RM6000++ and NASM certification will cost around RM 4500 .

Price may be vary , but the price range is about this amount .

If you are a very discipline and self learn person , i will recommend you to get this personal training certification online .

Online courses will be much more cheaper . For ACE online personal training certification will be RM 2400 and NASM online certification will be around RM 2400 as well .

Price may be vary as well , but the price range for both certification is about this .

For online ACE personal training certification just go to , for NASM online certification go to

American Council on Exercise

Now , you might ask me, so Weng , which certification is better ?

In my humble opinion , both certifications are equally good . I will not advice you to spend too much of time on deciding which certification to enroll , as long as you are getting your certification from either  NASM or ACE  , then you are  good to go .

If you want to know the different between these 2 certification,i  have written  and recorded a complete guide on it , which is called The Different Between ACE and NASM Personal Training Certification on my web site . You can have a read on it .

Alright , so far so good ? Before we proceed further , feel free to drop any questions on the comment box , and   i will respond ASAP .

Next , we are going to look at companies that will hire you ,and train you to become a personal trainer , without you having a personal training certification and fitness background .

How To Become A Personal Trainer In Malaysia Without Any Fitness Background.

By far ,  the best in house personal training programme that i know off , is by celebrity fitness .

Since , they merged with fitness first in 2017 , i think their training syllabus should be not much different or there are the same . If you have better information about this, feel free to comment in the comment box below .

So , what this company do is  , after they confirm hire you , they will put you on training . During my time , the training venue was in mid valley branch .

Im not too sure about now . If you have better information feel free to comment below .

During this training period ,  you will be given a very minimum pay to cover your petrol and food .

At their training center , there will be a team called fitness development coaches , that will teach and guide you .

You will be given a few modules , which will be your text book . The module will cover pretty much everything from training , nutrition to sales .

When the whole training finished , you will be tested , and after passing your exam , only then , you will be an official personal trainer .

So , this is the other way of getting started as a personal trainer without any fitness background .

Beware that the certification that you get from the gym , is only recognize within the organization . So if says , you want to change company to ABC fitness , your certification from celebrity fitness might not be as useful . Just something for you to think of .

So , getting a proper certification will be beneficial in the long run .

American Council on Exercise
For additional information , i always encourage people to start their personal training career with commercial gym , such as celebrity fitness and fitness first . As you are going to learn so much more than private gym .

I hope this pod cast able to give you a clear direction on how you can start your personal training career without any fitness background . Feel free to comment below if you have any questions regarding this topic. Cheers .



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2 thoughts on “How To Become A Personal Trainer In Malaysia Without Any Fitness Background.

  1. Kenneth Goh

    Hi Coach Weng,

    Just to find out from u, after I’ve obtain a certificate either from NASM or ACE, i still need to get a company to hire me in order for me to become a personal trainer as mentioned. What if I’m looking at as a freelance personal trainer? *since I’ve a daily job
    What option do i have?
    Looking forward to your feedback.
    Tq, Kenneth

    1. Hei Kenneth ,
      Thanks for dropping by, freelance trainers have a couple of options.
      1) Your Own Boss !
      You can start up as a freelance trainer by your own , if you already have clients on hands that you can work on . If you do not have and insist on being your own boss( great spirit!)i would recommend you to start setting up your own website and market your services(if you need assistant on this let me know).

      2)Fitness Studio
      Another option you can consider is being a fitness studio”s personal trainer. A lot of fitness studio would prefer to hire a freelance trainer to train their clients, instead of hiring a permanent personal trainer, this is to cut down their overhead cost, as you will only be paid when you train clients, no fixed salary, no stress.

      Btw , feel free to check out my new project PT KickStarter , where you get to learn how to start , build and grow your personal training business/career from others successful coaches.
      ==>PT KICK STARTER <== Hope this helps. Cheers

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