How to Get A Fitness Instructor Certification In Malaysia?

How to Get A Fitness Instructor Certification In Malaysia?

There are actually differences between fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Let me explain below:

Fitness Instructor

This instructor is NOT allowed to take clients.He/she is like an assistant to a qualified personal trainer.

When I finished my study in the New Zealand Institute of Sport, I was given a role of fitness instructor for 3 months, before fully becoming a personal trainer.

I get tested on training skills and knowledge, interviewed by my manager and fitness tested before officially “promoted” as a personal trainer. Things are really different in Malaysia, as long as you hold a personal training certification, you are a “personal trainer”, much more easier in Malaysia.

My job as a gym instructor at that time including, ASSIST gym member, do gym chores(wipe the machine , clear the rubbish bin etc) and assist the personal trainer in programming.

Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is the real qualified coach that able to train and coach others.

So,where can i take a personal trainer certification course in Malaysia?

Personal trainer certification can be  divided into 2 category:

(for a full list of personal training certification review go here)


Online Personal Training Certification

I  generally do not encourage beginner that do not have any knowledge on fitness, take their certification online.

This is because the are alot of fitness jargon and prior fitness knowledge that needed to complete the certification. A good classroom based course will be a better choice. However, if you are a tough motherFXXXer , that wanna challenge yourself, do it online.

Another advantage of doing online is that the cost is much more CHEAPER (30-40% cheaper ) .

Besides that, doing online you could do it on your own time, this is best for working people.

For Online ACE Personal Training Certification Discount click here 

Offline Personal Training Certification

In Malaysia ,we really do not have much choices . There are only 2 main places that you can do your personal training certification .

  2. PFC 

Oh ya,there are 2 main personal training certification that you can choose from, which are NASM or ACE.

The differences?

In short, NASM focuses more on programming, ACE focus more on theory. Both are great.

How to Get A Fitness Instructor Certification In Malaysia?


If you or any of yourself have taken any of these personal training certifications in Malaysia, feel free to share your experience over here , thank you.

For a full list of personal training, certification go here

American Council on Exercise

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33 thoughts on “How to Get A Fitness Instructor Certification In Malaysia?

  1. Hi. Im really keen to take the courses of becoming a Fitness Instructor thus pursue to becoming a Personal Trainer.

    If possible to attend class than doing it online. So what should I do and how do i enrol myself?

    tx, mazz

    1. Can u leave your contact on I will bring you step by step.

  2. Muhammad Syazan bin Mohd Basil

    I would like to know your price for online and offline course for NASM , thankyou

    1. Hei,
      Online NASM will be starting from SELF-STUDY $699 and offline is depends on the affiliate of the country and region that you are staying .

      For more online NASM courses==>

      cheers .

  3. Sumit dadwal

    I am from India and want to attend this offline classes of fitness course to be a trainer, could you please help me out with the procedure, should I come on tourist visa or you could help with study visa.

    1. Hei Sumit,
      Thanks for your question . Honestly im not sure about the visa thinggy , however ,i can direct you to 2 certification provider in Malaysia .
      1) FIT MALAYSIA (ACE certification and others fitness certification)
      web site ==>
      phone==> +60377260030
      2) PFC (NASM certification and others fitness certification)
      web site===>
      phone==>+60 13 394 7393


  4. Zainal Azman Bin Ahmad

    Would like to become one of Fitness Instructor. So how can I become one..where should i start. .

    1. Hi Zainal,
      There are a lot of things that you need think of,but to keep things short,you should get a certification either with nasm or ace.You either take it online which will be cheaper ,or offline .If you are not from fitness background ,I would suggest you to take it offline,as u will are going to learn things faster and easier.
      To learn how to build a successful personal training business you can follow this step by step guide

      1. Lim Wei Yuan

        hi I’d like to ask
        is it possible to get a NASM certificate in Malaysia through online.
        If yes, how do I get it?

  5. Lim Wei Yuan

    Hi I would like to ask
    Is it possible to get a NASM certificate in Malaysia through online?
    If yes, how do I get it?

    1. Hi ,
      Thanks for your inquiry.the answer for you is NO.
      Just to make things clear why do you need it to be in Malaysia ? Since it is online ,it doesn’t matter where u take it,upon completion ,they will sent you the certification by mail.

      Hope this help.

      1. Lim Wei Yuan

        the NASM certification only send to US and Canada

        1. Hi there,
          Thanks for your reply ,I’m not sure about that ,as I did my NASM 3 years back,and I got my certification through email.let me check and get back to u ASAP.Cheers


  6. San

    Hi, just wondering how can I be female fitness instructor ? 2 years ago I’m still zumba instrutor. What qualification I should get ?? Thank you🤗

    1. Hei,
      Thanks for your inquiry,as stated on this article,if you are in Malaysia u can either get your certification with PFC or Fit Malaysia .Hope this help.thanks


  7. kamalesh

    HI there i just wondering that the personal training certificate will teach about nutrition also or i have to take it seperately. I wanna become a personal trainer but at the same time i wanna learn about nutrition which can help me create new meal plan for all purposes,
    Can u help with that ????

    1. Hei Kamalesh,
      Thanks for your inquiry. Personal trainer certification such as NASM and ACE personal training certification do provide nutrition and training information .But it will not go as deep as a stand alone nutrition certification. But you will get to learn all the essential knowledge that you need to kick start your personal training career . Just a friendly reminder ,a personal training certification from whatever organization is only serve as a kickstarter .In order to be a great coach ,a long term study plan and experience is required .
      I hope this help.

      Coach Weng

  8. TAMMY

    I am trying to look for offline personal trainer certificate program, either NASM or ACE. Can you guide me where to get it precisely?

    1. Yoyoyo Tammy ,
      Surely i could help you with this .
      ACE ==>
      No. 2-8, 2nd Floor
      D19 Business Centre
      Jalan PJU 8/3, Bandar Damansara Perdana
      47820 Petaling Jaya
      Selangor Darul Ehsan

      +603 7726 0030 / +6012-6356126

      +603 7726 0032

      Operating Hours:
      Tuesday-Friday: 9:30am – 5:30pm
      Saturday & Sunday: 8:00am – 6:00pm
      Mondays and Public Holidays Closed

      GPS Coordinates
      3.165294, 101.608102

      PFC Studio

      Address: G-3-8 Plaza Damas,
      Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
      Taman Sri Hartamas,
      50480 Kuala Lumpur,
      Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

      Phone: +6013-394 7393
      I hope this helps .Good luck ..Tata


  9. Annie Tan

    I’m 55 and been joining a local gym seriously for about 3 years. Would like to be involved in health and fitness especially for the elderly. Love dancing like Zumba, hit pop and shbam. Thinking of doing a basic online/ offline PT course before embark on Zumba. What’s your advice? Thanks

    1. Hi Annie ,
      Thanks for your email .Specializing in Elderly is definitely a good niche market to venture into .As i mentioned before , a certification in personal training is just too broad , and you will not go far in your career .Since you have decided the niche that you want to venture into , i will recommend you for ACE Senior Fitness Certification (online)
      This is the first choice .
      Online NASM Personal Training Courses
      Offline NASM Personal Training Course => PFC Studio

      B) Online ACE Personal Training Courses
      Offline ACE Personal Training Certification = Fitness Innovations Malaysia

      if you would like to know more about the different between NASM and ACE Personal Training Certification , i have written a complete guide on this .
      The Different Between ACE and NASM Personal Training Certification

      I have also looked up for the top organization for the top certification for senior fitness and most of them recommend .

      I hope this help , wishing you all da best in your career.

      Coach Weng

  10. Jocelyn

    Hi Weng,

    i wanna be a personal trainer, but i have no any background on this. can you advice on what should i do? Thanks.

    1. Hei Jocelyn,
      Thanks for your comment . I have written a complete guide on exactyly how you can start a personal training career without any fitness background in Malaysia .
      Feel free to read here How To Become A Personal Trainer In Malaysia Without Any Fitness Background. .

      IN SHORT,
      1) You will need to get a personal training certification online or offline
      2) Join fitness company that will give free personal training development progromme .

      How this able to help you.
      Cheers .

  11. Amin

    Hello Boss Weng, i am interested in being a personal trainer. Improving my own health as well as others seem to have an appealing factor to me. I am still studying my business degree and i’m on my last semester. i need your opinion.

    What is the difference between ACE and NASM in terms of recognition?

    FITM is offering a RM 6,660 Personal Trainer Development Program but ACE Online is offering their PRO ADVANTAGE $699 E-Course. I know the difference between the two is that FITM offers CFI, FTI and T3 Training. I’m wondering,is the FTI and T3 market worth going into?

    Lastly, how does the ACE Online Course work? they don’t have much details on the program. I typically need to know the general requirement of the program, rules,duration and what not. I don’t know whether i’m bad at searching on their website or they don’t have it. Kindly advice me

    1. Hei Amin,
      First of all thanks for your inquiry .For both certification i cannot get much information on google , especially the recognition part . FTI is founded by DAN HENDERSON , their branches mostly in Asia countries , and on their web site i dint get any information regarding their programmes are accredited by which body .
      With such minimum information provided , i will not take the risk to enroll into it . My experience is that joining not “popular” courses ,sometime is just waste of time and money . Maybe you can get more information directly with FIT Malaysia before enrolling .

      ACE and NASM recognition = National Commission for Certifying Agencies( NCCA )accredited . NCCA accreditation is the gold standard for the majority of allied healthcare professionals and others. So if you earn an NCCA accreditation, you will position yourself as a qualified personal trainer within the healthcare continuum, which consists of medical doctors, physical therapists, etc. Establishing yourself as a qualified fitness professional amongst other healthcare professionals should lead to greater networking and work opportunities for you as a personal trainer.source

      Number of Test Questions on the ACE & NASM Exam
      Below: Number of test questions / total test time / minimum passing score
      NASM: 120 questions / 120 minutes/ 70% or higher is passing
      ACE: 150 questions / 180 minutes / 62.5% or higher is passing. 800 points available based on scaled questions 500 points needed to pass

      You can get everything that you need to know including how to pass ACE or NASM exam on this web site ==>

      Regarding your personal training certification choice dilemma , my best advice to you and also all others will be , it doesnt matter which personal training certification you take , as long as it is a widely recognize certification ,such as NASM or ACE , than you are good to go . As getting a personal training certification is just the very first step , getting into the fitness industry . What is more important , is what do you want to become after that , what field do you want to master in .

      Personal trainer certification is way too general .Do not spent too much of time deciding which certification to go , if you want to be safe , take either NASM or ACE . After completed your certification , go for higher education .

      I hope this helps ,

  12. Tan Bee Bee

    To take up the courses you mentioned above:-

    Any age limitation?
    Any paper qualification requirement?


    1. Halo,
      Nope ,there are no any requirement on age and also prior qualification requirement .cheers

  13. Widia Nicholas

    Hello, can you kindly give me details how to get a certification of personal trainer & nutritionist ? How long it take thru all the process and how much it cost. Tqvm

    1. Hei Widia ,
      Thanks for your messsage .Below are all the informations that you need .

      PRICE :USD 599 (DISCOUNTED PRICE AS ON 28/8/2018)
      LENGTH : Self pace study , need to complete in 6 months.
      PROCESS :After enroll, study materials ,exam , support group , all are accessible online .

      PRICE :USD 559 (DISCOUNTED PRICE AS ON 28/8/2018)
      LENGTH: Self pace study , need to complete in 180 days. .
      PROCESS :After enroll, study materials ,exam , support group , all are accessible online .

      1) Precision Nutrition
      PRICE :USD 1200 ( normal price , unless having discount )
      LENGTH : Self pace study
      PROCESS :After enroll, study materials ,exam , support group , all are accessible online .

      2) ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist Program
      PRICE :USD 299.50 (price as at 28/8/2018 ,normal price usd 599)
      LENGTH : Self pace study
      PROCESS :After enroll, study materials ,exam , support group , all are accessible online, and hard copy are provided .

      3) NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
      PRICE :USD 499 (price as at 28/8/2018)
      LENGTH : Self pace study
      PROCESS :After enroll, study materials ,exam , support group , all are accessible online, and hard copy are provided .

      Learn more about how to start , build and grow your personal training career business with PT Kick Starter .100% FREE , NO RISK , PURE CONTENT.FREE JOINING HERE


      Hope this helps,
      Coach Weng

  14. Annie

    What is the difference between NCSF and NASM? Which one is more creditable?

    1. Hei Annie ,
      Actually, both NCSF and NASM are both accreditted by NCCA ya .

      Coach Weng

  15. KS

    To become a freelance trainer, need to be certified too?

    1. Hei KS.
      Thanks for your comment.
      First of all, it is not about which path that you choose to become a personal trainer, freelance, commercial or an online personal trainer, it is about personal trainer is a professional job that needs sufficient knowledge and skills to be one.
      Is like being a freelance accountant, they need to graduate as an accountant as well. Not because they are a freelance accountant, so they can skip the education.

      Unless you come from a strong fitness background, such as graduated from sports science degree or higher education, then you might find a personal training certification is not as informative as a degree. In my opinion, you might learn much more, and I mean 10000000XXXXX times more about exercise science in Uni compare to a personal training certification, but you hardly learn about the stuff in the fitness industry. Personal training certification is what I call an industry course. You do not just learn about the science and nutrition, but you also learn about the nuts and bolts about the fitness industry.
      You get to learn how to communicate with your clients , how to overcome problem ,how to run your own personal training career/business. I believe you do not get to learn this in Uni.

      In conclusion, YES, you need to take a personal training course (at least) if you want to be a PROFESSIONAL personal trainer. I hope this helps.Cheers 🙂

      Coach Weng

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