How To Set Up An Online Live Coaching Personal Training Business In Malaysia ?

How To Set Up An Online Live Coaching Personal Training Business In Malaysia ?

How To Set Up An Online Live Coaching Personal Training Business In Malaysia ?

Yoyoyoyoyoyo  !! Selamat sejahtera kepada para para personal trainer di Malaysia ! How is everyone doing over there ? I have some very excited news here !!

You can now quit your personal training job and set up your own online live coaching personal training business here in MALAYSIA!!

NAR , do not quit yet , i am just joking . I am not going to pay your bill if you quit , well , noone will , except YOURSELF.

Couple years back , when i was still with celebrity fitness Malaysia as a assistant manager , i always thinking of how the hell can make my trainers do less but earn more ?

Well , the only way to do it is by putting personal training services online ! What am i going to introduce to you might seems weird , but it is actually already happening now in country like UK and US , but it is still very ulu in Malaysia .

Setting Up An Online Live Personal Training Coaching Business

online live personal traininf coaching

Just imagine that you are using facebook live to coach your client .You instruct them what to do on live video . This is exactly how it works .Web site like , , there provide live group and also 1 on 1 personal training coaching .

Well it may sounds weirds at first , everything that is new was “weird” at first , until people get use to it and when everyone is using it , it will be “normal”. My guess , Malaysia will only get use to this live coaching thinggy in the next 5 years ,or maybe more .

I know a few trainers are using this live coaching now , those trainers are earning handsomely . Think about it , you can use whatsap to do a video calling to conduct a live personal training session , how freaking cool is this shit  ?

It is 100% FREE , you do not need to travel to your client place , your client do not need to travel to gym or your place . He/she can even train at their office , while they having tea break , shitting in toilet and showering too .  The last 2 do not sounds right . Anyway , the point is that , with live online coaching you can conduct your training anywhere in Malaysia !!!

You may want to consider to start your online live personal training coaching business in Malaysia . Do let me know what you think about this idea . K. thanks .bye.


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