How To Start A Fitness Youtube Channel For Personal Trainer In Malaysia.

How To Start A Fitness Youtube Channel For Personal Trainer In Malaysia.

How To Start A Fitness Youtube Channel For Personal Trainer In Malaysia.

Yo to all personal trainers in Malaysia!!! How is things going?? I hope that 2019 has been a great year for you guys.

In this article i will be talking about how to start a fitness youtube channel for personal trainer .

Well , as you guys know about me , i have leave the commercial gym for for quiet awhile now , and started doing online stuff partime , and work part time as a sports coach at the same time .

I started my youtube channel about 3 years now ,you can check out my youtube channel here.

The thing that i want to let you know is that , if you want to start a youtube channel and talk about your workout , your personal training tips , how you eat healthy in Malaysia whatever is it , fucking go for it .

But , if you are like me , i love gym and training but i do not really like to talk about it. Do not ask me why , it is just me.You can see on my youtube channel i only talk about online business , affiliate marketing, dropshiping etc.Because this is the thing that i really interested , passionate and want to make it as a career .

So , no matter what you do , make sure you LOVE what you doing .

Ok ,enough for the introduction , lets learn How To Start A Fitness Youtube Channel For Personal Trainer In Malaysia.

Jump To:

a) #1 Pick A Niche For Your Personal Training Channel

b) #2 Optimize Your Personal Training Youtube Channel

c) #3 : Driving Traffic To Your Coaching Channel

How To Start A Fitness Youtube Channel For Personal Trainer In Malaysia.

#1 Pick A Niche For Your Personal Training Channel

Muscle building , weight loss are good topics to go for . But there are millions of youtube channel talking about it. If you are new to youtube , you will not have any chance to beat your competitors.

You have to dig deeper into each of this keywords.

For example , weight loss is a general key words . You can go deeper , “weight loss for women”, “weight loss for women over 50″, or even deeper to ” weight loss for women over 50 with diabetes .”

The deeper you go , the less competitors you have. But just make sure that your topic , have less competitors but enough demand .A great free tool that can help you to do this is the youtubebuddy.

Get your free youtubebuddy here.

With youtube buddy , you will get to see which keywords has the less competitors but have enough demand for the video.

how to start a fitness channel in youtube in malaysia

Read more how to find a profitable niche on fitenss by using youtube budyy. Read it here.


#2 Optimize Your Personal Training Youtube Channel

Starting a youtube channel IS NOT A JOKE ! Yes , you have to take things serious . Let me get your mind set right .

A youtube channel is just like a physical store . Is just that the things that we are selling is video based information . Each youtube video that we created for our personal training , is able to help us to generate income .

So , it is a damn ass SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Not play play wan. You have to treat it AS A BUSINESS .

As a beginners in starting up a successful youtube channel , the very first thing that you need to do is to learn how to optimize your youtube channel.How to set up a proper image for your channel , how to arrange your videos playlist , how to set up a feature videos .

Well , it seems like there are alot of things that you need to do , but rest assure ,as long as you follow all the instruction in this video , you will get to set up an optimize youtube channel even thou you are a beginner and do not have any technical knowledge .

Now , lets look at how we can optimize our training channel on youtube , so that it will helps us to drive more traffic to our channel .

Step #3 : Driving Traffic To Your Coaching Youtube Channel

There are 5 elements that you need in order to attract people to your youtube channel.We will be going through all these 5 elements in this video .

Get yourself a paper an pen , and jot down as much notes as possible .
Now lets look at 5 elements that you need to have in order to build a great youtube channel
1)Be realistic
2)The traffic source
3)The Topic
5)Optimize youtube channel

The very first thing that you need to know is that a typical successful youtube channel need about 3 years to grow to the stage that , you can see some sort of income .I know you must be thinking hell??

3 years? That is long ass . If you lack of the patient and also persistence in starting a business , do not start any business , online or offline . I am serious .

All successful business needs time to build . If you lack of the patient , just get back to your 9-5 jobs , sit at the office , work your ass off , and hopefully the next promotion will have your name on it .There is not wrong to work for others , if that is what you think is best suit you .

So, , unless , you have a social media such as ig or facebook , that have millions of subscriber already , that you can direct them to your youtube channel ,if you are starting from 0 like myself , you need a good consistent 3 years to build a great youtube channel.

It can be longer or it can be shorter as well , it depends on the niche that you are in , the contents that you are posting .

I know as a personal trainer ,especially in Malaysia ,our mind set is like , “i am a trainer , why the heck do i need to learn so much of things?” i just want to train my client get paid and that is it .


Fitness company or gym are looking for influencer to works with them instead of a “ordinary” coach. Why is that ? FREE TRAFFIC from the coach. Very simple , if you have 5k instagram followers and you posted your photos on ig with ” i am working out here”, people will go and stalk you at the gym . And the results? TRAFFIC AND REVENUE FOR THE GYM!!!!

So , the very first thing that for those people that want to start a online business with youtube channel is that , it is just like any others business, it needs time to build.

Next traffic source.
For a new channel , there are not much of traffic will be going to your channel .
A new youtube channel is just like new restaurant .How a new restaurent drive traffic to their business ?
2)Social media
3)Paid advertising
5)An optimize youtube channel

You can do exactly the same to your youtube channel .As a new youtuber , I will suggest you not to use any paid advertising .
So , the best way to drive traffic to your youtube channel is by driiving it from your own social media .

The top 5 social media traffic drive that I use to drive traffic to my youtube channel is :
1)My facebook group Weng Honn , Malaysia online entrepreneur
2)Others facebook group that related to my niche
4)My web site and also

My main source of traffic to my youtube channel are these 4 social media platform.
There are others platform that you can use as well ,such as
– pinterest
– facebook live video
– forum that related to your niche

Next , lets talk about what sort of Topic that you should be posting.

To be honest not all topic will watch by people .Not all topic will drive you traffic to your channel .

The free tools that we are going to use to check on keywords on youtube is called youtube buddy ,as i mentioned above.Get your free youtubebuddy here.

With youtube buddy ,you will get to have some news tools around your youtube channel to assist you on keywords search .

Next , inside your video itself , you MUST URGE people to subscribe and like your video . My youtube channel increased 20% of subscriber , since I use this tricks.

Last but not least ,
Interact with your subscriber!
You need to interact with your subscriber .Yes , you need to be the best customer service reps in the world. You need to answer every questions at least at the building phase , so that your subscriber feel that there are being respected and there is someone actually there to help them when they face problems.

If your subscriber asked you on how to loss weight , give them the tips! Or if you subscriber asked you how to loss weight with food in Malaysia , create a video and talk about it , and mention in your video that , this video is dedicated to this person!

Your community will love you for doing this.

So , this is how you can build your fitness channel on youtube as a personal trainer in Malaysia or elsewhere .

Check out my youtube video for more online business tricks and hacks .

Take Care.

Your #1 Fans

Weng Honn



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