How To Start A Personal Training Website In Malaysia?

How To Start A Personal Training Website In Malaysia?


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How to start a fitness blog in Malaysia?

Below is the transcript for above video .for a better learning experience kindly watch above video.

Are you a personal trainer or fitness coach in Malaysia?If you are , this video is for you.


If you follow me long enough , you know that I run ,where is a website that talks about personal training and also fitness industry in Malaysia .

If you are trainer in Malaysia , you might came across with this website or you may not . Check it out and you will learn 1 or 2 new things.

I started 3 years back and pretty much I talk about the gym environment , how does actually works in a gym really look likes . It is not like what you watch on youtuber , where all you do at the gym , is to train your clients and also lift some weights ,take photo and post it out on your instagram . It is not like that!

You have to close sales , you have to do calling , meetings , get scrwerwd by your boss and also hitting the monthly goal etc.So , it is really not that easy , when come to doing what you love , and making what you love into a career .It is 2 different things.So , my blogs is all about this stuff.

And this is also the very first thing that you need to think of , what is your blog is all about?

Is it something like where you share everything about training and diet?

I would suggest you to go with something specific or what we called the niche markets.

You can specilized in one area , like weight loss for women or to be more niche weight loss for women after 50 . Take note thou .The more niche you go the lesser competitors but also the less target audience as well .

For a begginer I will suggest you to write things that you are passionate about .As No point for you at this stage to write something that you do not love or not passionate about .If you love crossfit , write about crossfit , if you love jogging write about it.

So , once you have selected a niche topic , the very next thing that you really need to do is to create a web site. I will not go through details on how to set up a website , if you need me to go deep on this just comment below , and I will do complete video on how you can build a website .

So , you can create a website using bluehost ,where you get to set up your wordpress and also buy your domain name for your website.

Once you done setting up , you are pretty much good to go.A couple of tips and hacks for you to make sure that whatever you write is what people want to read , you can do some research using google keywords planner .

For a more advance level , what you can do is , write about what people want toread about your niches.

Well at the end of the day , no point to write something for shock sendiri right but noone care to read right.

You can use google keywords planner to get things done.

Type in google keywords planner on google and look for this google keywords for ads .

Click on go to keyword planner .Click on discover new keywords.

You need to make sure that the location is in Malaysia.

So for example I am on weight loss niche.

Over here you get to see a couple of things keyword, average monthly searches and competition.It is pretty much self explain , keyword is what people are keying into google , average monthly searches is the amount of people type into google every month , competition is the competition ,high means alot of people are actually paying for this keywords and we do not want to get into these keywords.

We want to get a keywords preferable to have 1k average monthly searches with low to medium competition.

I cannot see something that fit into this criteria lets go abit broader .lets try ,you get to have more options where you can go after. Avoid those short tails keywords , which is keywords that consist of 2-3 words ,it will be too competitive to rank on google.

I cannot see any good stuff over here , so as you can see it is not easy, that why I encourage you to start writing things that you passionate about as a begginer.

Another options is that broader your search to others country.we going to add Singapore and Thailand .

Lets try another way . we going to search for how to loss weight .now some tips for you .This type of keywords has a very high buying potential . As people that typing this keywords are looking for a solution. For example how to lose face fat. If you have a training programme or supplement to help this people to lose face fat , there are a very high chance that they are going to read how and what you can offer to them , if they like it they will buy from you .ace fat

And this is also a long tail keywords with 1k above searches and low competition , definitely a good keywords to go after. If you are in weight loss niche, this topic how to lose face fat will be a good topic to go for.

So lets have a recap , to start a fitness blog in Malaysia?

  • Select the topic that you passionate about
  • Create your website using bluehost
  • Do keywords research for more advnace blogger.

This is how you can to start a fitness blog in Malaysia in a nutshell , if you want me to do a more details video on how to set things up do comment below , and I will do it.

My name is weng honn .Thanks you for watching ,

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