How You Can Use Facebook to Laser Focus Your Gym Business

How You Can Use Facebook to Laser Focus Your Gym Business

Hei guys, im coach Weng here, in today”s presentation I would like to share with you, how  a commercial gym or any gym owner can use facebook ads to market their services to their targeted customer . I am not a facebook marketer expert , I am just someone that really into the fitness industry .


Before I start my presentation, a few questions I would like to ask you.

  1. If you are a gym owner or the gym marketing team , which age group that you are targeting now , or you will be targeting .
  2. Which company will you choose to partner with and why ?
  3. Which gender will you be targeting?

Use a few minutes to write all these answer down, and compare the results at the end of this course.

So let’s get started.


First thing first , just go to create ads , and click on audience insight .

Just type in Malaysia in the location tab as we are going to look at the gym in Malaysia.


There are 3 main big commercial gym in Malaysia , we have celebrity fitness , fitness first and also anytime fitness.


Just ignore age and gender for now .


Ok lets see what information we can get from celebrity fitness . hmm….somehow, celebrity fitness in not on the list .is ok , lets try fitness first .

So , as we can see over here , total women in fitness first malaysia is 54% and man is 46% .

The women age range between 18-44 is91%

The Men age range between 18-44 is 94%

So , is fitness first is going to launch a new class or marketing campaign, they will make sure(hopefully ) their new class or marketing campaign is focusing on these group range.

Now , lets look at some interesting data. 45% of the fitness first members are on single”s status and 37% is on married status . So , fitness first might want to create a marketing campaign that focus on this single group .

Another important things that a gym business owner must look at is the Page Likes tab . In this tab , you get to see what actually fitness first”S members are interested at . This will include , what restaurant they like , what type of insurance they buying , what sports they play .

Lets head up to Page Likes tab now ..

As we can see over , fitness first members are interested at viper challenge ,  food panda , spartan race malaysia , Mah sing group and also AIA Malaysia.

As we can see over here,  8.4k of fitness first members interested with celebrity fitness , I think this is become the merge of both gym last year . 6.4k of fitness members are interested with viper challenge and also food panda , chili”malaysia 7.6k .So , if fitness first is looking for a partner for marketing collaboration, these list of “company” will be the best choice .I hope fitness first is using these company list in doing their marketing campaign .

From this location list , we get to know where is fitness first “s members come from .

So , as expected , most of the members come from KL .Fitness first can also use this data to better target their gym members .

Next lets look at anytime fitness Malaysia .

As we can see over here , anytime fitness Malaysia consist of 39% women and 61% men.

The women”S age range from 18-44 is 89 %

The men at the age range from 18-44 is 93%

From here we can see that , there is a different of 22% between men and women . Men has a higher percentage in anytime fitness Malaysia .

So , if anytime would like to have a marketing promotion , there need to focus more on the men .Being said so , there is a huge gap that anytime fitness can improve on ,which is to increase the female membership at their gym . I always believe that , the more female in a gym , the more male will be attracted to the gym .So , increase the female membership , then the male membership will increase as well .ANd this will increase the overeall membership in the gym .

Lets look at the Page Likes Tab . As you can see ,anytime fitness members  have quite a different area of interest .


They are interested at wdcnutrition, matrix concepts ,manulife Malaysia, my town shopping centre sunway velocity mall .


I think it wil be the best if I can bring both data up and do a comparison .


As we can see over here , fitness first has a more even distribution on gender compare with anytime fitness. As I mention before , in my opinion , if anytime fitness could focus a little more on the female area , there might be able to do better than now .




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