Route to Get A Fitness Instructor Certification In Malaysia

Journey to Get A Fitness Instructor Certification In Malaysia

Yoyoyo , how is things going fellow Malaysian ? I hope that you are in good health and if you are thinking of starting your weight loss resolution or packing up some good muscles , please stop thinking and JUST FREAKING DO IT..Time is LIVES , and we do not have much of it.

Personal Training Is  A TRAP!!!!

According to Marvin Burton , UK – Head of Product at Anytime Fitness :

When I entered the fitness industry 18 years ago, the average career span of a Personal Trainer (PT) was 5 years! (not really a thriving or reassuring career choice).

Recently it was estimated that this has now dropped even further to just 1 year!

Marvin Burton , UK – Head of Product at Anytime Fitness

Route to Get A Fitness Instructor Certification In Malaysia

Alot of people thought that , personal training is all about training ,coaching , losing weight and literally “killing” a client in every single training session , is called a good PT session . IT IS A TRAP!

That 100% wrong if not 101% . Personal training needs good knowledge on body movement(biomechanic) , how to plan a effective training programme for each individual and of course , KNOW HOW TO MAKE MONEY .

In this article i will drive you thorough some of the job scope of a personal trainer , and also some of the thing that a personal trainer must know and do ,that not much people are going to tell you .And last but not least , where to   to get yourself a fitness instructor certification in Malaysia .

Journey to Get A Fitness Instructor Certification In Malaysia

So , you are looking to change your career or want to know what are some of the options that you can crack yourself into the fitness industry ? You have come to the right page.

My name is Weng , or coach Weng , that is how most people called me .I have been in the fitness industry for more than 10 years now , so , i can give you some pretty decent advices on this matter.

In this article you will get to learn :

  1. The job scope of a fitness instructors in Malaysia
  2. Should you become a fitness instructors in Malaysia ?
  3. How to get a fitness instructors certification in Malaysia
  4. The future of fitness instructors in Malaysia

The job scope of a fitness instructors in Malaysia

Sales , sales and sales!!! Yup you hear me right .

Weng are you crazy ??? I am a fitness instructors , i train people for living , i am not going to do all the sales shit .

“If you cant sell yourself , you cannot make a living .”- coach Weng

This is very true , noone will just come up to you and say “hei ,Mr/Ms fitness instructors , this is RM 5k , train me!” This shit wont happen , unless you are Jordan Yeoh .

All commercial gym or even private gym need you to do some sort of direct or indirect selling and marketing for the company . Direct selling will be , set a monthly target for you to hit , or ask you to bring in xx amount of members or promote the business on your social media and you will get incentives when someone join .

I am sure that you are very familiar with the 80% diet and 20% training quote , in the fitness business , it will be

80% sales and marketing , 20% training knowledge

But the sad things is that , most company try to hide this 80% sales and marketing , and “trick” instructors into, “if you good at training , people will come to you ” kind of thing , and carried out tonnes of training on exercises technique fitness knowledge etc , and minimum on sales and marketing .

I am not saying that the knowledge on fitness is not important , i am just saying that , the ratio of the right amount of training given on a particular subject , and the outcome that a fitness company would like a trainer to perform is not tally .

Fitness company spent 80% of effort on giving great fitness knowledge to their coaches and 20% of sales and marketing training . But , in turn , they are asking for 80% of the performance of the trainer based on sales and 20% based on training knowledge . WTF???

Just for an example , during a typical meeting , 80% of the meeting subject will be on sales and marketing related topics , instead of instructors training knowledge . How often your boss ask you ,

” hei Mr.Trainer , how much weight have you helped your client loss this month ?”

This is not going to happen , and i even doubt that you boss know how to do a proper bench press .DA MF FACTS #1

Lets put the sales thing apart for now.

What is the job scope of a fitness instructor , in the “fitness” part of the business?

  1. Conduct free trial session

Most company still using this method to drive their personal training(pt) revenue. A new member that joined in , will get a x amount of free trial ,normally 2 ,and  fitness instructors will need to conduct the session and tried to close the member.

       2. Cold Calling

Some companies still using cold calling to generate new leads to the company . A list of referral given by the existing members will be distributed among fitness instructors to do calling . And  incentive will be given for every successful sign up

         3 . Flooring

Flooring is a special term used in most gym in Malaysia. Flooring simple means , walking around the gym and look for “prey”.


Well , you wont be walking around with a gun or your bow and arrow , instead you will be going around the gym , and look for new faces or members that are doing wrong exercises , and your job is to showcase your talents on how you can help them to make things better , and also how to achieve their fitness goal faster .

Once they agree to be corrected by you , it is time for you to close them for sales.

Should you become a fitness instructors in Malaysia ?

Hell Yeah!!! Lets look at some states below:

#1 According to The Malaysian Reserve  – The market penetration rate of fitness centres in Malaysia is between 1% and 2%

#2 According to statista the fitness revenue in Malaysia is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2017-2021) of 16.6 % resulting in a market volume of US$50m in 2021 .

To learn more on Malaysia fitness industry stats read this article =>THIS IS THE REASON WHY COMMERCIAL GYM WILL BE WIPE OUT IN 5 YEARS TIME

There are huge opportunities in Malaysia”s fitness industry. However , the way of how a fitness trainers work might changed . I will talk about this later in this article.

So , in short , yes , a fitness instructors is a good career in Malaysia.

How to get a fitness instructors certification in Malaysia ?

Getting a fitness instructors certification is a simple process , but not an easy wan. WTF ??? So ,it is simple or what ???


Well , as long as you got the money to pay for the instructors certification, then you are qualified to get it .It is just that simple .

But it is not an easy thing to study , especially if you do not come from a fitness background . It is doable ,  very doable .You just need to put in some hardworks into it . That”s all .

To get a fitness instructors certification in Malaysia , you have 2 options ,

OPTION 1: Fit Malaysia

The fitness instructors certification course in Fit Malaysia is called The Certified Fitness Instructor Course (CFI).

CFI certification cost , RM 2,380 ,RM 2,480 (outstation) (as of 9/10/2019)

Check out FIT Malaysia CFI course here


PFC does not have a fitness instructors course , instead they have a more professional course which is a personal training course  by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

NASM PT Work Shop Fees RM4,500 (as of 9/10/2019) if conducted in Kuala Lumpur .

Check out PFC NASM course here

The future of fitness instructors in Malaysia

The very first things that you need to understand is the hierarchy as a fitness professional .

In general ,fitness instructors is actually the “lowest” ranking in the hierarchy .I started up as a fitness instructors 10 years back , when i graduated from New Zealand Institute of Sports Wellington .

I started up my career as a fitness instructors in a gym called City Fitness in Johnsonville . After 6 months , i get tested , examined ,when passed all the exams , only i can become a certified personal trainer , even thou the subject that i study , is actually a personal training certification .

It is very different in Malaysia , when you get a certification , you straight become a personal trainer and train people with whatever you learn from your certification + youtube + instagram +tiktok .I know that shit dude.

However , fitness instructors is not what you want to become , and definitely you do not want to stop at personal trainer as well.

What we are looking at as a fitness professional is specialization .Just like in any job , we want to be an expert in one area .

I always advice my reader to be a fitness specialist , specialize in one area , weight loss , training for adult , training athletes ,whatever is it .

Always remember , a brain surgeon earn more and have a better career prospect  than a general doctor .

So , below is a simple hierarchy of a fitness professional that i cincai spill it out  for your reference .


Journey to Get A Fitness Instructor Certification In Malaysia

The next thing that i want to talk about is the job model for a fitness professional.

When talk about training , working out or personal training , what we think of is a physical gym , travel to our clients place etc.

What am i going to share with you today  will be the future of personal training in Malaysia , it is actually already happening in others country .

The future of the fitness industry will be required trainers to wear pajamas and train their client at trainer”s own comfort , by using laptop or apps.

YES , and it is actually happening in Malaysia now . Healthifyme is the very first apps in Malaysia that specialize in online fitness coaching .

How Does Healthifyme in Malaysia Works?

Very simple , a member download the free apps ==> get a free trial with real coach on phone =>fitness coach advice on training and nutrition==> coach try to pitch and close .

Exactly same as working in a physical gym , but it is an online gym with real coaches.

To read more about healthyfime in Malaysia read below:


Feel free to share with us , what is your view on the current and the future of the fitness industry in Malaysia .Would definitely love to hear from you guys .PEACE 🙂

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