why you should travel young and broke


I do not get this till I’m 30. I started working part time when I was 16 .Every day after school I will be working in an optometrist shop. From that time onwards, I never stop working until 6 months back. I decided to quit my full-time job as a national sports performance coach , and start my young and broke travel journey .

Don’t wait till you earn enough before you travel. The word “enough ” is very subjective, it may mean 1 million to me , it might mean 1 billion to others or few hundreds of thousands to the rest .

Get out there while you’re young and no commitment

When you are young ,you’re at the time of your life where you can bounce back easily if any shit happens. If you lose a job at the age of 23, there are still tonnes of opportunity out there . But If you are 53 and you lose your job there are not much of opportunity for you . What make things worst is that , you have 3 kids , 2 houses ,2 cars and credit card debt that you need to pay off . When you loss a job , mean you loss your live/life . You are too tie up to travel , even thou u get to travel , you do not have as much freedom , energy as when you are travelling at your 20s , and sometimes, your mind is still on your work .

When you are young, you can sleep in a noisy backpacker hostel without it ruining your day.

You can party all night and still make that 6:45am train to the famous river .

You can have the cheap street food without getting stomach upset the next day , you can check out all those exotic places at the country that you travelled, without your wife or husband”S permission .

You can sleep on a train or a bus station bench . You can mingle with those street performancer and chill with them . One night , when I was walking back home after a couple of drinks , I saw a guitar player, playing one of my favorite songs by bon jovi , is my life . Maybe i am abit tipsy , i sing along with him and treat him a McDonald after that .

At that time I discovered something — you don’t really need much money to have a great time. You learn what’s important.
You discover that you don’t need to own a lot of stuff to make you happy.
You don’t need stay a 6 stars hotel. You don’t need to eat expensive meals or drink expensive drinks.
You will realize that cruising the streets of an unfamiliar city at night and enjoying conversation with strangers is something that money cannot buy.

In fact, you realize that having money actually makes all those things impossible.

With money on hand ,it changes the way you see the world. It will distance you from the places you came to visit , the experience that you need to encounter .

When you travel , you get to meet different people, different culture , how others people do things, their attitude on the works and lifestyle .
The more places i go , the more humble i became. Every time when I travel to a new place, I find myself so “small” as in , there are so many things that i do not know , but is happening in this world .

Besides that, travelling for me is not to have fun , but rather is a trip of finding inner peace , a chance to really understand myself better and also a good chance for future planning.

By the way , while you are listening to this i am somewhere around the world . I am out of Malaysia 3 months now. Honestly, I do know what will happen when I get back to Malaysia. All i need to do is to have faith.

My advice to you is whatever you can, save a little money and head out there. Because there is no better time to travel, but now.

Hope you enjoy this podcast talk to you soon.

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