Malaysia Online Personal Training Coaching

Hei guys , are you looking for online personal training coaching in Malaysia ? You are at the right place !

Let me introduce myself, my name is Weng or most people call me coach Weng. I have been coaching for more than 6 years now.

Malaysia top online personal training coach

What Is Online Personal Training?

Online personal training is basically, you engage a personal trainer online, and everything will be done online, include training. There are a few types of online personal training model :

  1. Programme and Meal Plan

This is the most common online personal training services. After you engaged a personal trainer online, they will send over the training programme according to your goal. Normally you only pay a one-off fees .

 2.Membership Online Personal Training Programme

This type of online personal training programme after you enrolled , you will get to access to a membership site. Inside the membership site, you will get learn whatever that are inside , which normally include exercises, food article etc . You will also get to have your own customized personal training programme .

Normally you need to pay monthly or weekly membership fees.

3. Programme, Meal Plan and 1 on1 Online Coaching

This is the online coaching that i used on wenghonnfitness online personal training.

What Do You Get from This Online Personal Training Model?

  1. You will get a personalize training programme according to your goal
  2. You will get a meal plan strategy to speed up your result
  3. You will to 1 on 1 video call once every 2 weeks
  4. Every time when you loss weight you will get back certain amount money that you invested, until you get back all the money! (YES ,WHEN YOU REACH YOUR GOAL, YOU GET BACK ALL THE MONEY!)

Should You Hire an Online Personal Trainer?

If you have a fitness goal , and do not want to burn a hole on your pocket , YES online personal training is for you !



Malaysia top online personal training coach Malaysia top online personal training coach