My Journey to Become A Strength and Conditioning Coach in Malaysia .

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Hei guys ! Welcome to a whole new chapter in . Previously most of my article is focused on how to become a personal trainer in Malaysia . Well , i started my career as a personal trainer in New Zealand ,and then continue as a personal trainer when i came back to Malaysia . So , personal training is definitely a solid career for me .

However ,

In these 4 years , things have changed . I gradually moved from being a personal trainer to sports performance coach .

Why is this move ?

As i always mentioned in my blog post in , personal trainer is just too general and you will not get much out of it , except being a ” sales personal trainer ” that earn commission by selling PT session in a commercial gym , you really do not have much to do .

Being a specialist is the key in the fitness industry .

Imagine this , clinics with general doctors are everywhere , but a brain surgeon is rare , and you will pay all your savings to get treated by him/her .

So , if being a coach is something that you are really passionate about , go for specialist .

Strength and Conditioning Coaches in Malaysia .

I only started diverting from being a personal trainer to a more sports performance concentrate coach at the age of 28ish .

Is it too late ? Well , i hope not . And this is why i am urging you , yeah ,YOU that is reading this now , start planning and take action on picking up a special skills that noone or very rare people have it .

Why i choose strength and conditioning ? It is a really tough journey , as the strength and conditioning awareness in sports in Malaysia is damn weak . Sports private or government entities are not willing to invest on strength and conditioning coaches .

Back to the question , why strength and conditioning coach in Malaysia ? 


I always have a question in my head when i watch badminton matches between Dato Wira LCW and Lin Dan . Apart from the genetics , body structure and skills level , what makes them different , what makes them better than each other ?

What makes them react faster , run faster , jump higher , smash harder and injury prone ? The answer is in strength and conditioning .

Therefore , i decided to choose this path . Throughout the year , i am super duper lucky , as through an opportunity , i get to join the Malaysia Basketball Team as their strength and conditioning coach .

And through the hard work of the team and coaches , we qualified to compete in the commonwealth game in Australia in 2018 . It is a historical moment , as this is the seconds time that Malaysia Basketball team get to qualified to compete in commonwealth game in the whole Malaysia Basketball history , and i am part of the celebration .

Furthermore , we also won the Sea Games in 2017 .This is also a great rewards of me as a strength and conditioning coach in Malaysia .A really proud moment for me .