NASM Exam Questions & Answer -Passing Your NASM

NASM Exam Questions & Answer -Pass Your NASM

Which Personal Training Certificates Are The Best?

How i wish someone prepared this, when im doing my NASM CPT exam.

So, you decided to take up NASM CPT certificate. Just like any others exam , you need to practice on past years paper or any example questions that you could get, to make sure that you do well in the exam . In this post i have included some materials and also experience shared by others , to help you to pass your CPT easier .All da best !

NASM Personal Training Exam Experience sharing :



This post is shared by Erin, a recovering addict, NASM certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and blogger.

On her posts, she share nearly everything from how to join the NASM CPT to exam preps and methods ,that she use to pass NASM .Read here post here


This sharing post is by Heather .

“I successfully passed my CPT exam through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in October of 2014, then released my own ultimate study guide to becoming a certified personal trainer a couple of weeks later.”

Read her whole journey that also include a frequent asked questions about NASM section. read her blog here

NASM CPT Exam Study Guide

Another great NASM CPT sharing post by Maddie Wilson .She share about all the important revision question for you to prepare for your NASM CPT test. Read her blog here .

How I Passed The Nasm CPT Exam .

This is a blog share by Mama Exercise. In this post ,they share other tools that help her to pass her NASM personal training certification.Tools such as youtube and NASM apps. Read how she pass her NASM exam here.

I Passed NASM CPT & Study Tips  

This post is written by  Kelli Shallal .She shared the methods of preparation that she did for her NASM exam.Some of the method such as ,preparing flash card, practice exams and weekly email reading. Read her study tips here .


In this section i have included some online NASM questions and answer that you could pratice .

NASM TUTOR Final Exam – In this webs site it has 120 questions for you to practice on. They do offer more questions that come with fees. Start practice your questions here for free.

NASM QUIZLET – This NASM sample questions and answers are prepared by quizlet .This site contains more than 1000 questions for you to practice for your NASM exam. Start praticing here .


I did some intense research on the web to get you guys this .I have something really useful for you all that are preparing for your NASM exam .

NASM complete revision guide by FITTINPRETTY .

In this complete revision guide, it has the main point that you need to focus on each chapter .

103 pages download here

Preparing for the NASM Essentials of Sports Performance Training (PES) Exam

This is a NASM guide that prepared by NASM itself.It summarize everything that you need to know in a 21 informative pages.

Download here.

Free Study Guide for the NASM CPT Exam

This Free Study Guide for NASM is preapred by Fitness Mentors.It consists of 54 pages of tips and study guide for you to prepare for your NASM exam. Download it here .



To sum things up , above is only serve as a guide to assist you during your NASM exam preparation . Prepare your exam at least 3 months before the exam , practice as much questions as possible. Feel free to share your result over here , after you pass your NASM !


Please share some of the tips and study method that have helped you to pass the NASM CPT exam at the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.






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