Redline Gym SS15 Subang Jaya ,Selangor is Up with Their New Renovation !!!

where is Redline Gym SS15 Subang Jaya ,selangor

Are you looking for a gym to train your client or yourself at Subang Jaya ? Red Line gym Subang Jaya might fit you .

I was training my clients about 2 years back . She was staying nearby Subang Jaya , i called a few gym nearby , but non of them allow free lance trainer to enter .

Lucky i found Redline . This gym is just located opposite inti college Subang Jaya .

I just found out that , they actually renovated their gym with some green grass , paint and machine. If you are staying around Subang Jaya , or your client is staying nearby , go try out Redline .


3rd Floor, Unit 10&12, Jalan SS15/8 Subang Jaya

Contact :
Call +60 12-231 4882



pay per entrance gym at subangRedline Gym SS15 Subang Jaya ,selangor

where is Redline Gym SS15 Subang Jaya ,selangor

Redline Gym SS15 Subang Jaya ,selangor

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