Step By Step How to Become A Health Coach In Malaysia

Step By Step How to Become A Health Coach In Malaysia

Are you looking at building a fitness career in Health Coaching in Malaysia ? You can now start a health coaching career by enrolling with the top health coaching provide . In this article you can learn about what is the different between personal trainer and health coach , how to obtain a international recognized health coaching certification and the future career of health coach .

Follow the step by step process or choose what situation that best describes you:

 1) Choose A Ace Health Coaching       Certification .

As an ACE Certified Health Coach, you will move people to adopt healthy, long-term, sustainable behaviors that can change the course of their lives. Whether you are a certified health and fitness professional, a nurse, a registered dietitian, a wellness program director or somewhere in between, earning the ACE Health Coach Certification will prepare you to facilitate healthy lifestyle changes for individuals and groups through physical-activity guidance, nutritional education and behavior-change coaching. Becoming an ACE Health Coach can boost your career – and allow you to better the lives of those in your community. The health coach certification helped you understand stages of behavior change and techniques to help your clients overcome any barriers to change (both with regard to an exercise program as well as coaching them in nutrition). You will understand your  clients even more now.

Different Between A Personal Trainer and Health Coach .

More and more trainers are upgrading themself from personal trainer to health coach . As a personal trainer, you know how to help your clients reach their fitness goals. With health coaching , you will get to offer a lot more than just exercise and nutrition . Adding health coaching to your offerings and being able to discuss nutritional habits and the psychological aspects of behavior change with your clients, however, would undoubtedly increase your effectiveness and put you on a much higher playing field. Get your discounted ACE Health Coaching course here.

2) Complete and Passing ACE Health Coaching Certification .

ACE Health Coaching certification exam layout are as below : Section I: Coaching Behavior Change – 33% SectionII: Conducting Assessments and Developing Plans – 26% Section III: Implementing and Adjusting Individualized Plans – 25% Section IV: Professional Conduct and Legal Responsibility – 16% The ACE® Fitness health coach textbook has 20 chapters covering motivation and behavior change, coach and client relationships, interviewing, nutrition, exercise, legal considerations, and more. There is a lot of great health coaching information about basic behavioral psychology and how to use this with clients to help them reach their goals.

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3) What Is Next After Passing ACE Health Coaching Certification.

When you hold the ACE Health Coach certification , you can use it in conjunction with your personal training business. It will help you tremendously to use them together, but there are numerous paths you can take if you are interested in using it alone. Career path with ACE Health Coaching Certification : 1)Physician’s offices 2)Bariatric offices 3) Corporate businesses

Why You Should Be A ACE Certified Health Coach in Malaysia?

– As a ACE certified Health coaches , you are able to guide and assist clients even when they aren’t in training session. For example, they can provide tools that help clients track their nutrition, perform behavioral and lifestyle assessments, and use decisional balance worksheets and more.
-ACE certified health  coaches , know how to deliver feedback and provide appropriate coaching tips to clients effectively .
-ACE certified health make more money by offering more services. Holding another NCCA-accredited certification means,  you’re able to provide behavioral feedback along with more guidance and insight regarding nutrition, weight loss and optimum health.
-ACE certified health  can cover more topics with their clients because meeting sessions generally consist of less physically demanding work.
In fact, many ACE certified health meet with their clients for walks, coffee talks, grocery store visits, hikes and even virtual appointments, all of which contribute to addressing the wide-ranging needs of each client.

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