Testosterone Optimization System -The History and Science of Testosterone

The History and Science of Testosterone

The History and Science of Testosterone
Testosterone Optimization System:

In this session we are going to briefly talk about the history of testosterone , so that you can have a better understanding on how does testosterone came along .
Do not worry , I will make sure everything simple , short and easy to understand. Let”s start .

Testosterone formulations was first discovered by steroid chemist Adolf Butenandt ,when he partially synthesized them from a cholesterol base in 1935.

At that time , he was working together with chemist Leopold Ruzicka , and their work were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1939.

At the early years, the formulations is only aimed to reduce the speed at which testosterone breaks down in the human body.

What are the roles of testosterone in short?
Testosterone does a lot more for your body than increase the size of your muscle.
It’s essential for every part of human not only internally but also externally , such as making you happy, healthy, and wise.

In this modern day , due to the lifestyle that we are having , Testosterone levels in men are dramatically decreasing, and have been for more than 20 years across the US .
Lower concentrations of testosterone increase a man’s risk for age-related diseases, depression and also infertility .


Testosterone Optimization System:


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