The Fitness Industry In Malaysia After 5 years (2024)

The Fitness Industry In Malaysia After 5 years (2024)

Yo yo yo , hei guys i am coach Weng here , before we start talking about the movement of fitness industry in Malaysia after 5 years , i would like to take this opportunity to introduce my new blog Malaysia Strength and Conditioning Blog 

The main goal of this blog is to share knowledge on the strength and conditioning  with coaches in Malaysia .

Alright , lets get back to the topic “The Fitness Industry In Malaysia After 5 years (2024)” .

Things are moving fast man , i mean real fastttttttttt . For example , 10 years back , we need to wait for 30 minutes for a cab .Now , with grab ,we can easily get a cab within 5 minutes .

What speed up this process ? TECHNOLOGY .

So , if you are not part of this technology revolution , you are getting left out .

The most basic things as a modern personal trainer in Malaysia you need to have :

  1. active instagram account (must )
  2. active facebook page account (must )
  3. web site (optional)

Above are the 3 basics things that you need to have , if you want to be a up to trend type of personal trainer in Malaysia  .


These are not good enough ! 

If you are working with a commercial gym , that do not implement technology ,such as apps or website ,into the business model , you are going to suffer down the road .

Hold on , i know ,you start to get abit worry now, but just chill out first .

The future of fitness industry in Malaysia will be dictated by below model :

  1. Minimum personal trainer at gym , majority on group classes
  2. Online programming will be the major business
  3. Personal trainers are “telemarketers”
  4. No gym membership (pay as you go)
  5. Freelance trainer gym business model


I am not saying that personal trainer is not needed at all . There still will be people that need  personal trainer ,such as people that has injury or special population . However , the mass market will not need 1 on 1 personal training as much as now.

As this mass market will move to group classes , or online personal training , which is cheaper , same or similar result with 1 on 1 coaching.


Online personal training programming or subscription based personal training will be hitting hard in Malaysia in the next 5 years. This is actually happening now , if you are still blur blur .

The most obvious “invader” is Healthifyme.

If you know nothing about this company , soon you are going to learn and change your business model towards healthifyme business model . Read more about this company here .

The younger generations(gen Z) are much “intelligent” than the baby boomers  . The gen Z  learn things through video tutorial and movie since young . Ipad , samsung tab , laptop are everything that they need in order to learn something new .

So , if they want to learn how to do a bench press , do you think that they will drive 20 minutes to a gym , pay couple hundred of ringgits to hire a coach to train them ?

NAR !!!!!! They will rather learn from youtube which is free , and pay a RM7 walk into a gym , and practice ,because watching video is how they learn a new skill , when they are younger .


Yup you are right ! You still can run an online gym , with your coaches . But the task has changed . Instead of approaching members on the gym floor and try to sell them training packages , an online gym will be making calls and sell online programming .

You can give them a free 7 days trial programme , and follow up with them with whatsap or call  from time to time , and hopefully closed them after the 7 days trial .


Gym choices are getting more and more , walk out from your house now , within the radius of 5 km ,you might be able to access to more than 3 gyms . This is how crazy is it ! 7 pieces of pizza , everyone wana have a bite, and yeah , have a small bite.

Unless your gym membership is so low to be so damn attractive , then people might join . If not , walk in gym as main , and membership(weekly , monthly,  maximum 3 months plan) as secondary”s business model will works better.


This business model are widely use in New Zealand”s gym chain such as city fitness and les mills  , when i was studying in New Zealand  10 years back .

In Malaysia , initially most of the gym very lanci , because economy was good , and not much gym around , but now , the smart gym owner is hanging a big ass smile on their face to welcome free lance trainer to train their client at their gym , to increase the gym revenue.

Think about it , the cost of hiring a personal trainer to work for you :

  1. Hire 3 personal trainers ,basic RM2000 x 3+bonus

Lets say the bonus is RM500 for each trainer , so total cost to hire 3 trainers will be RM7500 ! Are you stupid or what ? Unless your business is so damn good , then you hire fix coaches to run the business .

If not , you either get freelance coaches to come in to train the clients when there is class , and you pay him/her based on class conduction , or your gym open to freelance trainers to train their clients at your gym , with a minimum cost or profit sharing.

The Fitness Industry In Malaysia After 5 years (2024)

I am a firm believer on technology can change everything , including the way we learn and train – which it is happening now .

I believe that technology will turn around the way personal trainer approach , sell  packages and even to train their clients.

And this turn around , will hit hard on the daily routine of a personal trainer as well .

Instead of walking on the gym floor , talk to member on the gym floor , with online gym,  personal trainer might be wearing their pyjamas and making phone calls with their clients .

What do you think about the fitness industry in Malaysia after 5 years   ? share your view on the comment box.

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