The Future Of Personal Trainer in Malaysia , How To Make Money With Personal Training In Malaysia?

How To Make Money With Personal Training In Malaysia?

Yo !! Personal trainers in Malaysia!!! Hope that everyone is well , healthy and still keeping your six pack with you ,as i have loss mine .Well , who give a damn to your six packs , when you are busy to make moneys during this MCO period .

I believe alot personal trainers not only in Malaysia but all around the world , understand the important of putting their coaching services online .

As i mentioned last year , the next level of personal training will be definitely online . And if you still have the old Ah Ma mindset that the only way to make money as a personal trainer is to open a big as gym , then all da best to you.

For those that have the mind set of entrepreneur , congrats , you are on the right path.

Setting up paid online coaching services is as easy as ABC , all you need is a zoom and a paypal account , just google it if you do not know how to do it.

In my opinion , the future of personal training in Malaysia is that you have to go online . Instead of hiding your talent at a confine prison (gym) ,where you only get to showcase what you to know to the gym members only , why not showcase it to the world ?

Do you live training session on facebook , instagram , tik tok , youtube to drive traffic to your web site where people can sign up your online coaching and services.

If you are on the higher spectrum , rich people punya son , create an apps like healthifyme .Another good business opportunity for personal trainer will be selling home based gym equipment.

As more and more people are staying at home and do live training , more home based equipment will be needed .

So , home based equipment will be a great business to start with. As a personal trainer for years now , i realized that i am dead broke when the gym shut , i have no business , no income , and worst , noone give a shit to me .

So , if you feel the same during this MCO , congrats !! We are on the same path , but what is more important ,is to prepare ourself in a way that MCO or not , we still have income coming in .


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