The New Yet Strong Fitness Comer ,The Fire Training

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Rapid Fire Training Is Burning Malaysia’s Fitness Industry.

Today i was discussing with one of the Celebrity Fitness senior fitness manager about the future of personal training in Malaysia. He mentioned about Fire Training Gym. Well,so?What so interesting about this fire training thinggy?After a few questions asked ,he answered ,the personal trainer that inside the gym which make this gym special.

This Fire Fitness is funded by Asian Crowdfunder , and lead by Dave Nuku and Mike Lamb .The mission of the project is to  transform the way fitness is approached in Malaysia.

Rapid Fire Training is all online programme , from personal training to group personal training.Beside that they are also selling personal training pack (something like trx) and also fire trainer that consist of all training material that a trainee need.

Rapid Fire Training official web site click here

Who is Dave Nuku?

dave nuku fire trainer malaysia

Dave Nuku was one of the trainer for the popular reality television series The Biggest Loser Asia.Beside this he was also Fitness First Asia’s Regional Fitness Manager.Pretty big tittle huh!!

Dave Nuku is somone that i really respect because of his huge success in the fitness industry.He is one of the most talked personal trainer in Malaysia .I here wish you all da best with your meaningful project.

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