Things That You Need To Know , Before Being A Personal Trainer In Malaysia -It Is Not FUN.


Things That You Need To Know , Before Being A Personal Trainer In Malaysia .

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personal trainer in malaysia is outdated

So , you do not have any fitness background , but you heard that being a personal trainer in Malaysia is a cool job , so you decided to look for more information on “how to become a personal trainer in Malaysia “on google, and you found this article.

Cool , and you are on the right place , as this is the top blog for personal trainer in Malaysia .

In this article , you will learn about:

  1. how to become a personal trainer in Malaysia
  2. how much fitness trainer in Malaysia can earn
  3. what personal trainer is not
  4. how to start your online coaching in Malaysia .

For people that do not know me . Hi , i am coach Weng here . I started my fitness journey as a personal trainer 10 years back in New Zealand ,at a commercial gym called City Fitness .

Then i moved back to Malaysia , and was with celebrity fitness for around 5 years in total(in and out) , and now i am a sports performance coach for the Malaysia Women Basketball Team .

In between , i set up my own supplement shop , my own studio (but bungkus d in 9 months ) , i run my own online business ,i blogs , i worked as a sales person for a hardware shop in kepong , i was a free lance trainer , and also i have done others crap as well .So , i think i have alot of information to give .

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How to become a personal trainer in Malaysia

To become a personal trainer in Malaysia is really easy , all you need is below criterias:

a) RM5000

b) selling skills (can be train)

Yes , these are the ONLY 2 things that you need in order to become a personal trainer in Malaysia !

What are the RM 5000 for  ?

This money is for you to enroll in a certification in Personal Training such as ACE or NASM .

To get more info about certification visit here

Why Personal Trainer Need Selling Skills ?

Well , when you work in a gym , your monthly KPI is not based on how much weight you have helps you client to loss but , how much revenue have you generated .

The top personal trainer in a gym is nominated by how much sales he/she makes , instead of how much body fat or body weight that he/she makes their client loss.

Being said so , you also needs other skills like , communication skills and most importantly , YOU CAN WAKE UP AT 5am , and TRAIN YOUR CLIENT AT 6AM.

What Happen When You Get Your Personal Training Certification ?

After you passed your certification , is time for you to look for a job . There are a few paths way , that you can go after .

  1. Commercial gym like celebrity fitness , fitness first , chi fitness etc .(most recommended for beginners)
  2. Fitness studio/private gym such as barbel , daily muscle , fly cycle etc.
  3. Start Online Personal Training Coaching
  4. Open studio/gym/fitness center

Above are the top 4 paths that you can go after , when you have your personal training certification . Bear in mind , a personal training certification is just the “entrance ticket” to the world of fitness .

You are still a baby . I always advice personal trainers to further their study and specialize in a niche , such as sports performance coach like myself , women weight loss specialist or whatever that you are interested in  .


How much fitness trainer in Malaysia can earn

Generally , a commercial gym trainer can make between RM3000 – RM 10,000 +++ .

This is depends on the selling skills of the personal trainer .WELL , this is the reality guys  .


Being said so , result is important as well , but it is not the priority . I know , i know . Truths are ugly .

In order to climb up the ladder in commercial gym/being promoted , your CEO will not judge your performance by , how much total weights, your clients have loss in a month, or how many people have you helped,  to get back in shape ,  in a month .

Your CEO will promote you , when you generate the most revenue to the company . Again , Truths are ugly .

Well , you may argue saying , if you are good in what you doing ,you have a great set of knowledge , the sales will come . YEAH , that was what my boss told me , and i worked like a dog for him .  Sorry to say , but , screw you boss .

If the most knowledgeable guy , is the richest man , then the professors in university are billionaires . All scientist are multi billionairesss-airesss x1000 .

You need to know how to SELL your knowledge and skills to your clients , in order to do well in the fitness industry .

So back to the topic , an average income of a personal trainer in Malaysia should range around RM3000-RM10,000++.

To peek on others country”s personal trainer salary read here .

What personal trainer is not

Lets look at what a personal trainer should not be doing .

The perception of the public on a personal trainer is that , everything that related to fitness and health , is related to us/personal trainer . Well , right and wrong .

Personal Trainers are define as:

“A personal trainer is an individual certified to have a varying degree of knowledge of general fitness involved in exercise prescription and instruction. They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients. Trainers also measure their client’s strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments. These fitness assessments may also be performed before and after an exercise program to measure their client’s improvements in physical fitness. They should also educate their clients in many other aspects of wellness besides exercise, including general health and nutrition guidelines. ” –wikipedia

So , we are not a doctor , we are not a physio , we are not a chiro and we are definitely not a masseur/masseuse .

We cannot cure your acl tear , we cannot cure your fever  and we definitely not here to put oil on your body and massage you !

Personal trainer ONLY posses the GENERAL fitness involved in exercise prescription and instruction .That why , it is very important that after getting your personal trainer certification , you MUST , YOU MUST , further your study , if you want to be a great coach .

How to start your online coaching in Malaysia

On my previous article said , i talked about personal trainer in Malaysia is way outdated/behind the trends .

Personal Trainer should learn how to do online coaching as well . As i said before , a good coach is not the one with the most knowledge , a good coach is the one who know how to SELL their knowledge .

You can start your online coaching business with below business model:

  1. affiliate marketing

Sell someone else”s products that are related to fitness , and ask for a commission !Learn about affiliate marketing here .

   2. blogs

Start blogging! Start your own blog like this one , and monetize it !

   3. ebook/audio book

Write a book or record your own voice and sell it to amazon ! Learn how you can sell on amazon here . 

  4. Create an online course

Create an online course on how to loss weight or how to build muscle , whatever that you are good at , and sell it!

Learn how you can create an online course that sell with Start Up Course Hero.

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personal trainer in malaysia is outdated

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