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Thinking of Being a Female Personal Trainer in Kuala Lumpur ?


Looking for a female personal trainer in Kuala Lumpur (KL) to train you ?

Female trainer is rare compare to male trainer . There are some really good female personal trainers around the town that i know  personally .

If you are thinking of becoming a female personal trainer in Malaysia , this article could give you some inspirations and motivations to pursuit your career .

If you are looking for elite female personal trainer/group trainer in KL , this article will serve you well .


NOTE :The ranking DOES NOT represent their knowledge ,experience or skills , it is just for presentation purpose . They are all equally good at the field that they master .

TOP 5 Kimberley Yap

top female personal trainer in kl

I do not know Kimberley personally , but i do know her partner, Noel Chelliah .

Both of them founded Daily Muscle , a boutique gym at A5-11 (5TH FLOOR), GLOMAC DAMANSARA  .

Kimberley Yap’s journey to personal training  has some interesting stories to tell ..

Kimbeley  represented Malaysia in three sports, Swimming, Triathlon, and Cycling at the SEA Games and has earned not one but two gold medals for Triathlon.

 Training was just part of her life.

However , things started to change in May 2014 . She was hit by a car on on her way back after training , and she was hospitalized for a month .

 ” Fortunately, she didn’t suffer any broken bones but acute whiplash (which she later found out could have paralysed her). She also had a concussion and deep lacerations on her limbs – one so bad her tibia (shin bone) was exposed – which took time, and a few skin grafts, to heal.

Till today, Yap has no memory of the accident. The last thing she remembers of that fateful day was getting ready to go for her ride. “

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Fast forward ,today , she’s a trainer at Daily Muscle, a fitness company she runs with her husband Noel Maniraj Chelliah .

She is  a fitness specialist and personal trainer .With her strong sports background and intense training hours with the national team ,  she is one of the top elite trainer in town . Why do i say so ?

Well , most of the trainers  (including male trainers) , do have great certifications to support their career , but they do not have enough training experience for themself . Is just like a person that have a degree(certifications) but do not have work experience ( own training experience) .

Kimberley is a coach that has the degree  and also a CEO work experience .

She trains individuals and groups to help them improve their performance, strength, fitness, and even weight loss goals.

Kimberley Yap official website 

Daily muscle official web site

Top 4 Wenisa Ng 

top 5 female personal trainer in kl
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I know Wenisa personally and i also worked with her before . She is my very first lady boss in my personal training career .

I still remember that time , i leave my commercial gym job as an assistant gym manager . And through a friend i get to know her , and ring her up for an interview.

Her studio was the very first in Malaysia that bring in EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation) training method .

Initially her focus is on using exercise for rehabilitation , posture correction , training for sports performance and weight loss .

Due to the change in the fitness market , her studio now has all kinds of training  classes from airflow yoga to bootybarre  .

Her fitness qualifications are thicker than a book of dictionary .

Her qualifications are as below (but not limited to) :

-Women Fitness Specialist (NASM)
-Health & Fitness Specialist (ACE)
-Health Coach (ACE)
-Movement Based Flexibility (Premier Training, UK)
-Resisted Movement Training (Premier Training, UK)
-Body Pump & Body Step Instructor (Les Mills, Aus)
-TRX Suspension Training


-Postural Assessment & Correction
-Special Population
-Weight (Fat) Loss
-Core Conditioning
-Sports (Golf) Conditioning
-Lifestyle Weight Management

Her Studio address :


Activ studio official web site :

Top 3 Irene Ng

best female personal trainer in kl

Irene’s background is very unique . She was the HR manager (if im not mistaken) in one of the biggest gym chain in Malaysia .

While she still with her HR job , she still practice yoga intensively .

Her passion in Yoga , lead her to a Yogist entrepreneur path . She quit her job and involve fulltime in yoga , and launched her yoga business called Ispirit Asia . She is a true entrepreneur that follow her dreams and quit her 9-5 job .

You can even get an official yoga certification through her .

Her service include :

a) Yoga & Fitness Events
b) Yoga Teacher Training Course
c) Yoga Workshop
d) Yoga Class
e) Fitness Training
f) Fitness Workshop
g) Fitness Class
h) Retreat

Ispirit Asia official web site :

Irene facebook :

Top 2 Karen Siah 

best 5 female personal trainer in kl
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If you are into running and triathlon , her name will not be strange to you .

She completed her very first Ironman at Langkawi , Malaysia in 2015 ,with an impressive finishing time  13hours 43 minutes .

Beside that Karen also published a book: ‘How I became an Ironman’, available in MPH bookstores around Malaysia.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Management and Marketing) degree and then a Bachelor of Science (Sport and Exercise) degree as well .

If you would like to learn more about her training method , you are in good chance . She is managing  a run club  in Taman Tun Dr Ismail , named  Kia Kaha Mou Man Tai Night Runners  . Kia kaha is a Māori phrase used by the people of New Zealand as an affirmation, meaning stay strong. Mou Man Tai means “no problem” in mandarin .

What personal training services she offers :

– Personal Training: Go the extra mile. Achieve what you thought was impossible. I will help you get there.

– Group Fitness Class: Exercising in a group is almost always half as daunting as exercising alone. Never underestimate the power of Team Spirit.

– Youth Strength Conditioning: Optimize your athletic potential. Prevent overuse injury. Improve your agility, explosive power, endurance, stability, and flexibility.

– Senior Strength Training: Never too old to change your lifestyle. Increase muscle strength. Fight lethargy. Improve stability and balance, energy levels, sleeping habits, and mood. Reduce the chances of falling, aches and pains.

– Pregnant and Post Partum Training: It is extremely demanding to work out, get fit, carry on with your daily life, all while carrying a growing baby in your tummy. I can help you increase your strength and ensure you have a safer, more pleasant delivery. And once you’ve given birth to your little bundle of joy, let me help you get back in shape, ease yourself back into your daily routines with more energy and strength!

– Corporate Group Training: Studies have shown that an active team of people distinctively increases work productivity. Keep your employees fit and healthy and not only will there be less sick days, you can observe how the dynamics of the team improves!

Karen Siah personal web site :

Karen Siah Fitness facebook page :

Kia Kaha Mou Man Tai Night Runners facebook page :


Top 1 Emelda

kuala lumpur top female personal trainer

I know Emelda when i just started my personal training career in Kuala Lumpur . She was with the training development team . She examine and educate all the rookie trainers and make sure they have sufficient training skills and knowledge before training clients .

She is Malaysia’s 1st & only NIKE NTC Master Trainer .

She started off as one of the national swimmers representing Sabah and Malaysia in the year of 1989, when she was 8 years old up until the year of 1997 .

She has been involving in the fitness industry for nearly 2 decades(or more)  .She is an internationally certified instructor for Body Pump, Body Balance and Body Combat and certified in Body Jam, Body Step and Body Attack from Les Mills.

Her Achievements & Certifications
  • Malaysia’s 1st & only NIKE NTC Master Trainer
  • National Swimmer representing Sabah and Malaysia from 1989 to 1997, winning over 100 medals
  • Internationally certified for BODY PUMP, BODY BALANCE, BODY COMBAT.
  • Certified instructor for BODY JAM, BODYSTEP, BODYATTACK from Les Mills
  • Master trainer for Sandbell personal and group exercise training
  • TRX RIP trainer certified
  • TRX Group Exercise certified trainer
  • NASM Basic Level 1 Personal trainer course.
  • Certified Bosu mind and body Trainer.
  • Attended David Weck ( Bosu Creator) training method.
  • Kettlebell training method. Level 1
  • Certified THUMP Kickboxing Trainer.

Emelda official web site:

Emelda facebook :

In summary :

All of these top female personal trainers have a very strong career capital . When you have a great career capital , people are willing to pay you , for your services . Some of these personal trainers are charging RM300 per session . I have written an article on career capital, if you are interested to know more click below link.

Increase Your Career Capital To Excel In Your Career.

Getting a personal training certification is easy , the hardest part is to make it as a success career like above trainers.

I do understand how hard it will be to start a career in personal training . In order to help you to stop wasting time and start earning as a personal trainer , i have created a course that will show you exactly how you can start a successful personal training career . Click below to enroll now .



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