Top 5 Things That Malaysian Googling About Fitness Everyday

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(above data dated on 3/6/2017)

Hei, ever wonder what is Malaysian searching on google about fitness?

For a ordinary people,this data might be useless ,but if you are an online or offline business person,this data means alot.

The data above show ,what are the things that Malaysian are searching every month.What does this mean? MONEY la of course. Supply and demand ma.

Most search term in Malaysia for Fitness:

Most search term in Malaysia for Fitness

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Top 1 : Bodybuilding

Well ,im not surprise with this.With a total search of 10k-100k in a month .Everyone is talking about abang sado .If you realize this, there are alot of body building competition coming up in these recent few years.

Most search term in Malaysia for Fitness:

Top 2: Exercise

Wow! Malaysian is actually looking for exercise.Harder than kena toto leh. To my dear Malaysian, exercise must do it in the gym,park or a place with exercise facilities ya ,not on google.With a total search of 10k -100k well, Malaysian is getting there.

Most search term in Malaysia for Fitness

Top3: Gym

There you go.The third most search keyword after exercise is gym! Told you,if you need to exercise you need to go to gym.By the way if you are looking for gym that near your place ,i got some pretty good resources click this=>Find My Gym .

Most search term in Malaysia for Fitness

Top 4 :Home Workout

Home workout is gaining more and more popular among Malaysian.My guess is that, people like me ,lazy to go out ,with all the jam.And when reach the gym ,feel so tire and do not feel like working out anymore.With a total search of 1k to 10k ,definately a good niche market to invade into.

Most search term in Malaysia for Fitness

Top 5:Muscle

So,the term muscle is having about 1k to 10k search .

To my surprise,why weight loss is not on the list? Do you know that Malaysia has the highest obesity rate in Asia? Is time to do something about it!

This is just a rough idea of what actually Malaysian are googling by using the term “fitness”.More specific search need to be conducted to really pint point the exact things that these people are looking for.


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