What are some tips for someone studying for the ACE Personal Training Certification Exam?

Are you preparing for your coming ace personal training exam?

Still thinking should you be joining the certification ?
Are you afraid of the ACE personal training exam will be too tough for you ?

This post is just right for you . I have compiled some of the best studying tips for ace personal training exam .Hopefully this will boost up your confidence in getting one .


ACE personal training certification in my opinion is just the very first steps for dummies that want to learn the art of coaching in the fitness and health industry . After taking it , you may consider taking others niche courses such as ACE Fitness Nutrition certification courses. more details

Lets start 

a) How to Study for (and Pass) the ACE Personal Trainer Exam by meginspire.com .

In this article meginspire recommend below strategy to pass your ACE personal training exam .

  1. Nail down your anatomy
  2. Know which exercises work each muscle and what a compensation in exercise might indicate (such as shoulders rising during a set of rows.
  3. Functional Assessments and charts
  4. Study vocab

Complete guide go here

b) How to Study and Pass The ACE Personal Trainer Test by Joe Cannon 

In his article he shows below tips :

  1. Should first concentrate on studying and obtaining a level of mastery of the overall material first and foremost
  2. A general idea of the overall function of the nervous system .
  3. You should know the basics regarding the cardiorespiratory system .
  4. You should learn about the primary muscles in the body that contribute to movement and stabilization.
  5. You don’t “need” to know the origin and insertion of every muscle but you should know the basic “functions” of the primary muscles  .

c) 10 Steps to Success When Preparing for the ACE Exam by ACE

  1. Know the role of the profession you will be testing on.
  2. Before you read any part of the manual, turn to Appendix B ACE Exam Content Outline in the back of the respective manual
  3. Learn the content beyond the black and white.
  4. Speaking the exercise science language
  5. Use all the materials and support ACE offers.
  6. If you cut corners, you will end up with a circle.Prepare well !
  7. Read the question carefully and make sure you understand the meaning.
  8. Pace yourself accordingly. There are 150 questions and you have 3 hours to complete the exam. There are no bonus points for finishing quickly, so take your time.
  9. Consider before changing your answers. The rule of thumb is your first instinct is generally correct 90% of the time.  Before changing your answer, re-read the question carefully.
  10. In order to achieve, you must believe. You will be spending a lot of time and effort in preparing for the exam.

Some video for you :
The ACE PT Exam: My Study Strategy and Test Experience by Motivated Maddie

ACE Personal Trainer Exam – Study Tips by Carter Huddleston

For Dummies that want to know more about the ACE personal training certification feel free to down load this free ebook ==> ACE Personal Trainer Manual The Ultimate Resource for Fitness Professionals Fourth Edition

Alright i hope this will help you 🙂

Comment below on what is the tips and strategy that u used to pass or prepare for your ACE personal training certification exam .C ya


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