What is HealthifyMe ?Will It Be Available In Malaysia ?

Do you know that there is an apps that combine all of these apps"s functions called HealthifyMe , it is going to be big in Malaysia . HealthifyMe in Malaysia...

What is HealthifyMe ? Will It Be Available In Malaysia ?

Hei folks i am coach Weng here . I am pretty sure you know about my fitness pay , noom , and others fitness apps . But do you know that there is an apps that combine all of these apps”s functions  ? It is called HealthifyMe .

What the hell are you talking about Weng ? An apps that combine all the fitness apps”s function ??? Come on , do not bull shit me !

I am not joking !

HealthifyMe is an Indian largest(2018) digital weight loss platform that provides fitness services. For i know , there are personal training , nutritionist and others fitness and health professional working with them .

This apps is developed for both Android and iOS platforms, the application provides calorie tracking, water tracking and on-the-cloud fitness coaching.The fun part is that HealthifyMe takes the gamified approach to keep users motivated.

You can get personal training programme , nutrition meal plan and also others fitness programme with this apps . What is more interactive is that you get to phone and also video call your coaches , with a dirt cheap price  , but maximum result! Imagine that you engage with a personal trainer in Malaysia with RM 3000 for a 30 sessions of coaching , but with HealthifyMe , RM3000(or less)  is equal to a year of personal training coaching programme !

According to wikipedia ,the company, founded by Tushar Vashisht(University of Pennsylvania alumnus),  Mathew Cherian(MIT Graduate) and Sachin Shenoy(former Google engineer), is based out of Bangalore, India.

HealthifyMe raised $6 million as a part of their Series-A round in April 2016  from IDG Ventures, Inventus Capital Partners & Blume Ventures. In June 2017, HealthifyMe partnered with Manipal hospitals.

Next questions ? Weng tell me is HealthifyMe available in Malaysia ??

Hell yeah!!! You can know use HealthifyMe  in Malaysia ! Feel free to download HealthifyMe  apps at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.healthifyme.basic&hl=en .

 HealthifyMe Job Opportunity In Malaysia

Are you a personal trainer ?A yoga teacher ? A nutritionist ? Or you are working in the fitness and health industry as a coach ?  HealthifyMe need you ! They are now looking for highly determined and motivated fitness coach in Malaysia to join their team .

 HealthifyMe Job Opportunity In Malaysia.

 HealthifyMe nutritionist job opportunity in Malaysia 

 HealthifyMe fitness coach job opportunity in Malaysia 

 Direct Job Opportunity from HealthifyMe official Website


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