If you have a good proposal ,great business idea , good financial support and  background I will not stop you from setting up your own gym .

If you have a good proposal ,great business idea , good financial support and  background I will not stop you from setting up your own gym .

But if you are just building your personal training business ,and you do not have any strong financial support  , I will not suggest you to open a physical gym .The obvious reason is because of the high risk and you may get into huge amount of debt if anything goes wrong .

Alot of coaches wanted to start their own business ,because they are tire of working for others . Let me tell you this , sometime working for others is a good things as well .

My previous gym manager earn about RM20k a month , by attending meeting and instruct us on what to do .

My previous district manager earn about RM40k a month . Of course their job is stressful  , but setting and running your own business is nothing less stress than that .

I am not encouraging you to work for others , I just want you to think deeper and plan before making your steps .

Let me share you my own experience .I have worked for the commercial gym for 5 years .I left and set up my own facility with 2 others coaches .Unfortunately, it only last for 6 months .

The lessons that I learn from this experience are that , your team members or partners must have the same direction and goal , and they must also 100% commit to the business .Apart from this, financial and network support is really , extremely important, and it serves as back bone for the business .

So , Weng , I want to start my own business but , I do not have much money and I do not want to leave my full time training job first. What can I do now ?

Start building your business online ! It is free , low risk and you can do it on your free time ,and the best thing is that you can START NOW!

Well , im not here to teach you how to make 1 million in the first 3 months , as im not capable of doing it yet. But I can share how I build my online business that able to pay for my expenses , such as food , rental , car loan ,insurance and a glass of beer during weekend .


The very first business that I build was wenghonnfitness.com .It was just a normal blogging web site at first . And in this year(2018) , I started allowing guest posting for a small charges . Surprisingly it works ! I do not earn much , just enough to buy me some food . And then I further expand my online business into creating courses and sell online . It dint go well at first , I spent about 3 months to research , create and edit a course. And I do not earn anything after about 6 months . I earn my first 5dollars as a commission .

With social media , and others platform ,getting started and selling online is just a matter of ,DO YOU WANT IT OR NOT.


I build all my web site ,I do all my seo ,I do all my web site design ,ALL BY MYSELF

.And I learn that , it is quite stupid to do it all myself. With platform like fiverr you can hire someone to do the job with as low as 5 dollars !Or connect with me and we shall talk more .

So , online business or physical gym ? You decide and tell me 🙂

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