Work In Commercial Gym Or Smaller Gym Better?

Work In Commercial Gym Or Smaller Gym Better

I think i have some good advices for those people that just starting out on the fitness industry, and amateur trainers that are confusing about their career path.

So,i have worked in commercial gym,private studio ,freelancing and now im with the Malaysia Basketball association.

I think i could give you si beh good advice.So read on.

Work In Commercial Gym Or Smaller Gym Better

Commercial gym (recommended to beginner)

Lets be straight forward ,the only 2 good things about working in commercial gym is MONEY and NETWORK.A normal okok trainer,will earn at least a good RM 5000++ a month.Yes better than a degree or even a master holder.Another thing is network.Commercial gym such as celebrity fitness,each branch have at least minimum of 500 to 1.2k of members for you to mingle and talk to.So, it is a good place to start as a beginner.And also if you love the office politics(brushing your bosses shoes) and climbing the corporate ladders ,commercial gym is the place you should go to.

Work In Commercial Gym Or Smaller Gym Better

Smaller Gym (recommended to advance trainer)

Smaller gym such as fitness studio,is a good place to go ,when you have sufficient experience ,knowledge and saving.Private studio obviously do not have as much traffic as those big commercial gym.This type of business ,is more focus on the niche markets .So ,the expected starting income will not be that good ,and might need more time to build customers,since the people that coming in is not much.But you will not get as pressure as working in commercial gym.

Work In Commercial Gym Or Smaller Gym Better

Freelancing (recommended to amateur trainer)

Everyone is talking about entrepreneur nowadays ,because of the influence of the mat salleh culture.Well, we need to know our position before going to freelance.

Do you have enough clients?

Do you have enough saving backup at least for 6 months if something go wrong?

Come on ,passion is passion,passion cant buy you food.Do not believe me?Go to a mamak shop and order a milo ice, and pay them with your fitness passion.

Lets do a simple calculation before you decide to go for freelancing :

Daily expenses

  • Food:RM 40 (save save eat)
  • Toll: RM 10
  • Petrol:RM 15

Total in a month:RM 1950

Monthly Expenses

  • House rental:RM500
  • Car Installment: RM750(proton saga)
  • Insurance:RM250
  • Spending on girlfriend:RM200 (if she says too little,give her middle finger,just jk :))
  • Electricity and water:RM50
  • Internet:RM75
  • others:RM 100
  • Give to parent:RM 250 (must be a good boy/girl)

Total  expenses:RM 2175

GRAND TOTAL you need to spent in a month:RM 4125

So ,RM4125 is your basic expenses that you need to spent every month.Lets says, as i recommend ,you need a good 6 months saving before going out freelancing,

the total amount will be RM 24,750.

So ,if you decided to go on free lancing ,make sure you have enough bullet ,before you go to the battlefield.

If not later you mati buta-buta ,and come and blame me.




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