Zumba Instructor Salary Malaysia

Zumba Instructor Salary Malaysia

Zumba Instructor Salary Malaysia

Hei guys , WHAT SUP!!!! Are you looking to become a zumba instructor in Malaysia ? Are you someone that interested in dancing and want to make it into a career or business ?This is the article you have to readdddddddddd.

Zumba was founded accidentally by a Colombia dance instructor called  Pérez (it pronounce as Per reh) .One day he forgotten his regular music to his aerobics class. He pulled out a cassette tapes of Latin dance music, salsa and merengue( it pronounce as me reng gay) . With this combination , he invented what we know today as ZUMBAAA.

And yes , HE IS A MAN , instead of a lady that most people thought of .

Ok , now lets look at what is the Zumba instructor salary in Malaysia.

Malaysia”s Zumba FreeLance Instructor Salary Based on Per Hour.

If you are newbie in Zumba the typical per hour rate will be at between RM80-RM100 per hour.

If you are an advance Zumba instructor , the per hour rate can go up to RM 100-RM 200 per hour.

If you are a Master Zumba instructor  , the per hour rate can go up to RM 200- RM 500 per hour .

I have engaged a Master Zumba instructor before , and she is charging me RM 350 per class , which is an hour .

Malaysia”s Zumba Instructor Salary At Commercial Gym.

The salary/fees for commercial gym will be slightly different and will not be as high as freelancer . The main reason is because you will get couple of classes throughout the day , and you do not need to go out and approach clients like freelance Zumba instructor.Pretty much you are spoon feed by the company .

The rate for newbie Zumba instructor will be at between RM80 – RM100 per hour.

The advance Zumba instructor will be at between RM100 – RM150 per hour.

There are 2 different contracts that commercial gym will propose to Zumba Instructor.

  1. pay by hourly

With this contracts , you will be paid monthly according to the total hours conducted.

2. pay by fix monthly salary

With this contracts , you will be paid a fix monthly salary .

How Much You Can Earn As A Zumba Instructor In Malaysia ?

How much you can earn is based on how you choose to work , free lance or work in a commercial gym .

A typical freelance Zumba Instructor in Malaysia ,you will earn around RM 2000 to RM 5000 ++ , it can go much higher depends on how much you are charging .

For example , if you are charging RM120 per hour , and you only conduct one class per day for 30 days (a month) you are already earning RM3600 .

How hard will this be ? Well , you will be jumping from one gym to another gym . There are alot of gyms chain in Malaysia such as Enrich gym , there are looking for freelance zumba instrutor . Once you get your job with them , they will not sack you , unless you screw things up.

Alot of gyms and private studios in Malaysia , are looking for freelance Zumba instructor , because they do not want to have a fix cost .

If you work with a commercial gym such as fitness first or celebrity fitness , the hourly rate might be lower , but you are pretty guarantee that there will be classes for you to conduct .

However , you might need to be travel from different location to another .

Others Fees Structure That You Can Implement Into Your Zumba Business .

Per head Fees

You can charge per head as well as a zumba instructor . For example ,you are charging RM5 per head . If there are 30 members in your group class ,you will get paid RM150 .

Membership Fee

You also can charge a fix monthly , weekly or daily membership fees to your members .

Group classes are becoming more and more popular recently , there are others group classes that you may want to explore to as well , such as salsa , african dance if you like to dance .There are also cycling group classes such as fly cycle .

I hope that you enjoy this article . All da best !!!

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